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unreasonable behaviour in divorce

What Is Unreasonable Behaviour Divorce?

August 3, 2022 10:31 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Unreasonable Behaviour Divorce is the term used to describe what used to be the most commonly cited of the five grounds for divorce. "Unreasonable behaviour is your spouse acting in such a way that you can't reasonably be expected to continue living with them". Using a ground for divorce was essential to prove the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage before the divorce law changed in April 2022 to give way for new legislation which now allows for a couple to divorce without assigning fault.

ols solicitors

Divorce-Online Acquire Family Law Firm OLS Solicitors

July 21, 2022 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts, founders of the online divorce, acquired family law firm OLS Solicitors in 2017 to help more people obtain low-cost, professional family law advice and services. OLS Solicitors are a dynamic and highly experienced family law Solicitors firm based in Llanelli and Swindon specialising in family law, divorce, relationships and financial matters. OLS Solicitors have a firm understanding of what clients are looking for, which is a friendly, transparent and affordable service. We now offer a one couple, single divorce lawyer services following the introduction of no-fault divorce in April 2022.

household bills separation

Who Pays Household Bills During A Divorce?

August 2, 2021 2:37 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The period between deciding to separate and officially getting divorced can be quite difficult, particularly if finances are tight. There will often be pushback from either spouse regarding the payment of routine household bills or quibbles about monthly expenditure. So how should finances be dealt with during this tricky limbo period, whilst waiting for a decree absolute to be issued?

couple dealing with divorce

5 Things You Should Do After Getting Divorced

May 18, 2021 7:56 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Getting divorced is a turbulent time and it can seem like there is a never-ending list of tasks that need to be completed, both during and after separation. Just thinking about what happens when you get divorced is the last thing on your mind. Our divorce experts have put together a simple but useful resource to help give you the best start in your new life, so you will hopefully avoid some of the most common pitfalls couples sometimes make when dealing with divorce.

divorcing couple with no money

How to divorce my husband or wife with no money

April 19, 2021 7:59 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Today many people can only afford to pay the rent or get a mortgage if they are sharing the expenses with a partner. So some couples end up remaining unhappily married for practical financial reasons, ending up in the position of their ancestors, albeit unwillingly. Let’s consider some of the options for getting divorced with little or no money.

Can My Spouse Transfer Money Before Divorce?

Can My Spouse Transfer Money Before Divorce?

March 15, 2021 10:14 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Most assets that have been acquired or built up during the course of the marriage will be added to the ‘matrimonial pot’ when working out a financial settlement and divided up between the divorcing parties. However, in the period shortly before the divorce, either spouse may decide to spend or dispose of money, potentially with a view to preventing it from being added to the matrimonial pot. But will this achieve its aims, and what is the legality of doing this?

couple splitting a business with lawyer

How Are Business Assets Divided In Divorce?

March 8, 2021 11:33 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Most assets that have been acquired or built up during the course of the marriage will be added to the ‘matrimonial pot’ upon divorce, including any business assets of either spouse. One question which is often asked is whether business assets need to be included in the matrimonial pot and if so, how can they be divided or retained?

What happens if the house is in the name of only one spouse?

Rights to Property If My Name Isn’t On The Mortgage

December 14, 2020 1:38 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Since the shared marital home is usually the most substantial financial asset for divorcing couples, it comes as no surprise that this can often cause problems in the divorce process. If the property deeds are only in the name of one spouse, this can lead to additional challenges. In this article, we will consider the rights of a spouse to the matrimonial home if your name is on the mortgage or not.

What Is a Mutual Divorce & How Can I Get One?

What Is Mutual Divorce & How Can I Get One?

December 1, 2020 9:35 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Prior to the recent divorce law change and the introduction of no-fault divorce in April 2022 some divorces were contested, though many married couples agreed to get a mutual consent divorce. Previously the legal process of getting divorced in the UK only partially recognised the concept of mutual divorce. In this article we will consider the mutual divorce meaning, look at what has now changed and how these changes affect divorce petitions in the UK.

Are there any financial implications of committing adultery?

Are There Financial Implications For Committing Adultery?

October 30, 2020 6:44 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Adultery often comes with serious financial repercussions due to the very fact that committing adultery often results in getting divorced, and that fact alone can have direct financial implications. But since the divorce law in England & Wales changed in April 2022 you no longer need to blame one party for the breakdown of your marriage by citing a reason for the divorce like adultery. So the question is, does committing adultery have different financial consequences compared to other reasons for divorce?


Is There A Time Limit For The Decree Absolute?

October 26, 2020 3:13 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There are important rules to know about the decree absolute when filing for divorce that will decide how smoothly your divorce will proceed. One thing most divorce applicants don't know much about is the time limits and how they can affect certain rights to money and assets following a divorce. We will consider the rules relating to the decree absolute and how to ensure that the application deadline is not missed.

financial advisor

The Role Of Financial Advisers in Divorce Proceedings

October 1, 2020 9:53 am Published by Leave your thoughts

In an acrimonious divorce, it may be necessary for the court to intervene and decide on how the assets should be divided. Either way, it will be necessary to ascertain the full financial position of each party as well as the financial impact of divorce, to work out a fair settlement. Although divorce lawyers have a certain understanding of the financial aspects of divorce, a professional financial adviser can generally provide more comprehensive assistance in this regard.