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Online Divorce: Is It Safe, Legal, and Easy?

Yes, online divorce is safe and legal. Over 150,000 couples have used our low-cost divorce services since 1999.

Our founder, Mark Keenan, pioneered the concept of online divorce 25 years ago making Divorce-Online the original provider of online divorce.

Online divorce is a simplified divorce process, it’s not different to the process you follow if you do it yourself or hire a solicitor.

Couples who are amicable and don’t have complex financial arrangements don’t need to hire a solicitor and should consider an online divorce.

If you opt for an online divorce instead of hiring solicitors, you’ll typically save between £750-£1500 depending on where you live.

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The 3 Main Benefits of Online Divorce


💻 Online data gathering When you decide to get an online divorce, you choose a simplified divorce process. Hiring solicitors often involves face-to-face meetings and several phone calls to capture essential details. With an online divorce, you complete one simple online form and that’s it. You then have a quick phone call with your case manager to discuss the process and ask any questions you have before starting divorce proceedings.


🤳🏽 Online Tracking – Family law solicitors aren’t traditionally known for being efficient. When you select Divorce-Online to handle your divorce, you get access to an industry-leading portal where you can track your case 24/7 from your phone or laptop.


📲 Save Time & Money – Getting updates on your case from local solicitors can be time-consuming. Secretaries getting information and then calling you back later. We send you specific updates throughout your case, which you can read from your phone or laptop. We’re proactive in our communication, not reactive!

There are various benefits to using an online divorce service compared with hiring local solicitors. We explore the benefits of choosing our service in more detail in our article – the benefits of getting a divorce online.

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Divorce-Online is the highest-rated divorce provider in the UK. Read why Divorce-Online is the #1 rated online divorce provider to understand why thousands of people choose our divorce services each year instead of hiring high-street solicitors.
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Common questions about online divorce in the UK

We appreciate that going through a divorce is often stressful and difficult. Here are some frequently asked questions about online divorce.

How long does an online divorce take?

The duration of an online divorce can vary. Still, it typically takes between 6 and 7 months from the time the application is filed until the Final Order is granted, assuming the divorce is uncontested.

Factors such as court processing times and the responsiveness of both parties can influence the overall timeline. This is especially true for cases where couples apply for a joint divorce.

Can I use an online divorce if I was married abroad?

Yes, you can get an online divorce if you were married abroad, provided that you meet the jurisdictional requirements of the UK. One of the key requirements is that you or your spouse must be domiciled or habitually resident in the UK.

It’s advisable to check specific requirements or seek legal advice to ensure you meet the criteria before applying for divorce.

Can I get an online divorce if my ex lives overseas?

An online divorce can still be suitable if your ex-partner lives outside of the UK. The key is ensuring that they are properly served with divorce papers and that the UK courts have jurisdiction over your case.

This may involve additional steps for international service of documents, but many online divorce services such as Divorce-Online can guide you through this process without needing to instruct solicitors.

Can an online divorce deal with finances and children?

While an online divorce can initiate the process of ending a marriage, dealing with finances and children often requires additional steps. We offer packages that include financial settlements and child arrangements, such as our Managed Divorce & Financial Order Service.

However, these aspects can sometimes be complex and may require mediation or legal advice to ensure fair and comprehensive agreements are reached.

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Can I Trust Divorce-Online With My Divorce?

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Is Online Divorce a Good Idea?

Online divorce can be a good idea for many couples, especially those seeking a more affordable and less contentious way to end their marriage.

Online divorce is ideal for uncontested cases where both parties agree on all terms. It offers several advantages:

  1. Cost-Effective: Online divorce services typically cost significantly less than hiring a solicitor for a traditional divorce. Our fixed fee online divorce starts from £249 + court fees.
  2. Convenience: The process can be completed from home or work, saving time and reducing the need for court appearances. Most clients can get the information we need from their phone or laptop within 15 minutes.
  3. Speed: Online divorces can often be processed more quickly than traditional divorces, especially for uncontested cases. Most applications are filed within 24 hours of receiving your information.

However, it might not be suitable for everyone.

Couples with complex financial arrangements, significant assets, or contentious issues regarding children may still need professional legal advice and court intervention.

It’s important to consider these factors and, if necessary, consult with a solicitor to ensure that all legal rights and obligations are fully addressed.

An article you should consider reading before starting the divorce process is this – How Easy Is It To Get Divorced?

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Why Choose Divorce-Online?

  • Helped over 150,000+ couples
  • Most reviewed online divorce service
  • Clients typically save over £1,000 in legal fees
  • The original provider of online divorce, starting in 1999
  • Additional customer protection through trading standards
  • Track your divorce from your phone from start to finish
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Can I Track My Divorce Online?

Yes, one of the benefits of choosing one of our online divorce services is the ability to stay updated on the progress of your divorce right from your phone.

The traditional method of instructing solicitors involves constant back and forth via phone, email or in-person meetings.

If you don’t have a solicitor on a fixed fee, these all cost money.

Would you prefer a divorce where you’re in control and can stay in the know throughout? You don’t need to speak with secretaries and be passed between phone calls to learn where your case is.

We have an industry-leading case management system you can access right after you purchase one of our online divorce services.

Ready for a simpler, more affordable and easier divorce process?

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