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Divorce-Online VS. High-Street Solicitors

When it comes to getting a hassle-free and affordable divorce, there’s no comparable service.

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Why Choose Over High-Street Solicitors


💻 Easier online process – Getting a divorce through traditional local solicitors can involve visiting their offices or dealing with a receptionist to obtain your information. With our service, everything is done online making it more streamlined and easier for you. There’s no need to attend our offices or speak with receptionists – just complete a simple online form.


🤳🏽 Faster Option – Family law solicitors aren’t traditionally known for being efficient. There is more bureaucracy, and more hoops to jump through to speak with your solicitor. With Divorce-Online, our team is on hand throughout and we typically submit your divorce application within 24 hours of receiving your details.


📲 Track Your Divorce – Getting updates on your case from local solicitors can be time-consuming. Secretaries getting information and then calling you back later. We send you specific updates throughout your case, which you can read from your phone or laptop. We’re proactive in our communication, not reactive!

Don’t just take our word for it

Divorce-Online is the highest-rated divorce provider in the UK. Read why Divorce-Online is the #1 rated online divorce provider to understand why thousands of people choose our divorce services each year instead of hiring high-street solicitors.
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More Reasons To Choose Us vs High-Street Solicitors

1. Save Thousands
High-street solicitors can charge between £900 and £5,000 to help you navigate your divorce.

If you live in London and have complex assets, this could rise to £8,000. Our low-cost services start from just £249 fixed fee.

2. Hassle-Free
Our team handles all aspects of your divorce and sends you important updates throughout your case.

There is no need to take time off work to visit our offices or waste hours of your time getting updates on your case.

3. Experience
Our team has over 20 years of experience in filing 150,000+ online divorce applications.

Our systems have been built with you in mind, making it the most seamless process to complete.

It’s a simple choice when you see the facts

Divorce-Online High-Street Solicitors
Online data collection? Everything can be completed from a phone or laptop Not always possible
Fixed fee? Fixed fee services, no hidden or extra costs Not all solicitors provide fixed fee services
Ability to track your case? 24/7 from your phone or laptop Solicitors don’t posses the same technology
Efficient filing? Typically within 24 hours of receiving your information No mention of how quickly they file clients applications

It’s little wonder why thousands of people each year decide to choose our service over hiring local solicitors.

To recap, here’s why they do:

  • The ability to track your entire divorce process online from your phone or laptop.
  • Direct access to the team dealing with your case makes getting updates quick and easy.
  • Experts are handling your case to ensure an efficient solution is found without delays.

Whilst no-fault divorce has made it easier for couples to get divorced, it is still a legal process.

You should consider the amount of stress, effort, and cost that can come with instructing divorce solicitors to handle your case.


Managed Divorce Online

  • Divorce papers are drafted for you
  • The divorce process is managed on your behalf
  • Track your divorce online, from start-to-finish
  • We handle any queries from the judge for you

The ideal service for people who want to have a simple, affordable, and hassle-free divorce.

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