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Divorce Advice & Information

Divorce can be a painful and stressful time for most people. There is much to think about and lots of legal procedures to understand.

To make divorce less of a minefield, we have put together a range of helpful resources. These articles will help you understand your legal rights.

We are confident that this section covers all of the important questions you likely have about divorce from children, money and property to the divorce process itself.

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    Divorce Timeline

    Divorce timescales are hard to predict due to the number of factors that can affect how long a divorce takes. Since April 6, 2022, the minimum amount of time a divorce can take is 26 weeks (roughly 6 months). If you want to see a divorce timeline without more information on each stage of the process, click below.

    How Long Does a Divorce Take?

    Divorce Costs

    Working out how much a divorce is going to cost is impossible without knowing your specific situation. In total, it can range from £593 – £5,000+ depending on the complexity of your case. One way to save money is by using an online divorce service, like Divorce-Online, with prices starting from just £249.

    How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

    Obtaining a divorce is typically the easier part, dealing with the financial aspect of divorce can often be confusing and stressful

    There is a simpler and more convenient way to get divorced than by appointing local solicitors. We often hear, “Don’t I need a solicitor to get divorced“. The answer to this question is usually no, but it does depend on your situation.

    Divorce-Online has helped over 150,000+ couples end their divorce without fuss or complexity. We have helped our clients save over £50m in legal fees.

    Whether you’re in the really early stages of your decision to divorce or you have been separated for many years, it’s important you understand how divorce settlements work and what you are entitled to.

    To get started, read our blog with typical divorce settlement examples; this will help you a framework to work from with your partner.

    Divorce Services

    Our services are ideal for couples looking to save time, stress, and money on their divorce. Track each step online without needing to visit our offices or take time off of work.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do you have to be separated before getting a divorce?

    Under the previous divorce law, you needed to be separated for a period of two years before filing a divorce unless you were prepared to blame your ex-partner for the marriage breakdown.

    Since the introduction of no fault divorce, regardless of whether both parties agree to a divorce, you can petition for divorce after 12 months of marriage.

    There is no need to blame the other party, you simply ask the court to end your marriage.

    What does irreconcilable differences in divorce mean?

    Irreconcilable differences divorce is a term that’s used a lot and it refers to the inability of two people to resolve their differences in order to remain married.

    Irreconcilable differences are often referred to as a no-fault divorce, which since April 2022 is now the current divorce law in England and Wales.

    Previously under the old divorce process, to apply for a divorce you had to prove your irreconcilable differences by using one of 5 facts:

    • Unreasonable Behaviour
    • Adultery
    • 2-year separation
    • 5-year separation
    • Desertion