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Divorce-Online Vs. Divorce UK Gov

When it comes to getting a hassle-free and affordable divorce, there’s only one option.

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Why Choose Divorce-Online Over Divorce Gov UK?


Complete one simple online form – We ask you to provide us with all the information we need in one easy-to-complete form. Doing your own divorce on the Gov website involves completing several different forms without any assistance. You’ll need to understand legal terminology, which often takes hours.

Divorce-Online vs DIY Divorce – Compare Your Options


Faster Option – Most applicants who file for divorce on the website will have life events crop up during the course of the divorce process. Applicants will put off submitting the required application forms throughout causing delays. You can achieve a quicker divorce by using Divorce-Online.

Benefits of Getting a Divorce Online Vs UK Gov Portal


Track Your Divorce – Would you prefer a service where you are sent regular and important updates straight to your online account? You can access this easily from a phone or laptop. The alternative is to spend hours on hold with the court asking for updates to your case.


Less Effort & Hassle – The time commitment required to get divorced using our service is under 2 hours from start to finish. Applicants doing a DIY divorce can spend up to 20 hours. Researching and completing legal forms, finding documents, speaking to their spouse, getting in contact with the court, and so on.

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Divorce-Online is the highest rated divorce provider in the UK. See for yourself why Divorce-Online is the #1 rated online divorce provider and why thousands of people choose us over divorce UK gov each year.
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Divorce Gov UK – What Is It & Can I Get One?

First-time divorcees often search for ‘divorce online UK gov’ as an initial research step. They have heard about the new online divorce system but many people don’t know about the dangers of DIY divorce.

The government introduced ‘online filing’ as part of its digital overhaul of the divorce procedure in April 2022.

When no-fault divorce was introduced, it meant that instead of couples having to complete physical paper forms, they could complete a series of online forms to get divorced.

Undoubtedly, this has made it easier for couples to get a DIY divorce, but here are some of the problems with going alone:

  1. No legal advice – The court cannot and does not provide legal advice on the implications of divorce.
  2. Financial order – You need the assistance of a solicitor to end your financial ties by obtaining a legally binding financial order.
  3. Time-consuming – Doing a UK gov divorce can be time-consuming as you need to understand the process and respond to the court and/or your spouse.
  4. No support – If the court has questions about your divorce and/or financial order you won’t have any support to deal with them.

There is no gov divorce service for £593, this is simply the court-filing fee associated with divorce. This fee is set by the Government and is mandatory in all cases unless you’re eligible for a reduction through court fee exemption.

An excellent service from Divorce-Online. All very simple and logical. The people I dealt with were very good and answered many questions in a professional manner. I wouldn’t have any problems recommending them to anyone about to start a divorce. It was also done as the price we expected with no add-ons sneaking in later.
Ian MacDonald
Service Purchased: Managed Divorce Service

Further Benefits of Using Divorce-Online Over Gov.UK

No Chasing The Court
Calling the court is a pain. You can often spend hours on hold trying to get the answer you’re looking for.

You are sent important updates to your online account, removing the need to call the court.

Doing your own divorce does not come with support if your ex-partner makes things difficult, e.g. not responding to the court.

Our service works with both parties to ensure a smooth process is achieved without delays.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in filing 150,000+ divorce applications using our online divorce system.

Handling your own divorce comes with risks and potential delays, choosing our service does not.

Compare both options. It’s a simple choice when you know.

Divorce-Online Divorce Gov UK
No. of hours required to get divorced? < 2 hours Up to 25 hours*
Do you get support on your case? The court cannot provide advice to you.
Can you track your divorce online? You’ll need to call the court each time you want an answer
How long does it take? 30-32 weeks 38-52 weeks*

Let’s recap and analyse the key differences between using Divorce-Online and to get divorced.

  1. There is no such thing as gov UK divorce – they simply provide a system for couples to apply for a divorce online.
  2. The court cannot provide advice to you throughout the process. Are you confident everything will go smoothly?
  3. The court fee is £593 and is set by the Government, which means you’re required to pay this fee regardless of how you file for divorce.
  4. If you have any questions at any point during your divorce, you’ll need to call the court, which can hours.

If you’re looking to get divorced with the least amount of effort and hassle, our solution is what you need.

Ask yourself whether you want this additional stress or if paying £249 to have experts handle everything for you is a worthwhile investment.


Managed Divorce Online

  • Divorce papers are drafted for you
  • The divorce process is managed on your behalf
  • Track your divorce online, from start to finish
  • We handle any queries from the judge for you

The ideal service for people who want to have a simple, affordable, and hassle-free divorce.

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