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How to Apply For a Divorce Online From £59 in Minutes

Your marriage has broken down and now you want to know how to get a divorce online – because it’s quicker, easier and cheaper, but where do you start?

Before you find a divorce service that is suitable for your situation, you first need to ensure you qualify to apply for divorce.

Our experts have put together a guide on applying for divorce online; we dispel some common myths and give you practical tips on getting started.

Of course, we cover the vast number of benefits to getting divorced online compared to the traditional route of instructing a high-street lawyer.

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    Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for a Divorce Online

    You cannot file a divorce petition with the court until you have been married for at least 12 months.

    You must also prove to the court that your marriage has irretrievably broken down by using one of the five available grounds for divorce.

    At the moment, the UK doesn’t operate a no-fault divorce system, so you must apportion blame on one party unless you have been separated for a period of 2 years and both parties agree to the divorce.

    When there is an agreement to the divorce, there is rarely ever the need to instruct divorce solicitors and you can, therefore, start your divorce online and do it yourself with our help.

    There are 5 stages to getting a divorce online that you must take in order to obtain a decree absolute and end your marriage, which are:

    1. Find valid grounds for divorce

    To file for divorce online your marriage must have irretrievably broken down by establishing one of the five available ‘facts’, known as grounds for divorce.

    2. Pay the service fee

    You will need to pay the service fee, which starts from £59 and is paid to get started with your divorce procedure. The divorce papers will be drafted for you with a series of next steps to complete.

    3. Apply for divorce online

    Apply for divorce online by using any of our award-winning online divorce services. Once you’ve paid the fee, you will simply need to complete a questionnaire and sign the divorce papers we send to you.

    4. Apply for a decree nisi

    If your partner concurs with the divorce petition then we will apply to the court for your decree nisi for you.

    The decree nisi essentially confirms that there’s no good reason why you can’t divorce.

    The judge will set you a nisi pronouncement date, which will then allow you to move onto the final step in the divorce procedure.

    5. Apply for a decree absolute

    After the mandatory period of 6 weeks has elapsed we will apply for the decree absolute for you, which usually takes the court between 2-3 weeks to grant the absolute and post it to you.

    This decree ends your marriage.

    Is an online divorce a safe and legal way to obtain a divorce?

    We regularly get asked this question, to which the answer is of course, yes. We have been providing couples with an alternative solution to divorce compared to the traditional use of high-street solicitors since 1999!

    A majority of divorce cases in England and Wales end with the agreement of both parties so you should be able to divorce without solicitors, which is where an online divorce can come into play.

    When deciding how to proceed with a divorce, the cost is also one of the main factors, alongside how quickly the divorce can be dealt with. Find out how much a divorce will cost.

    If you are still unsure whether online divorce is safe and legal, you can read through all 3000+ reviews of our service on Trustpilot.

    “I selected Divorce Online earlier this year to handle all aspects of my divorce as I needed a fairly swift, easy and inexpensive solution. They delivered on all fronts which made a difficult situation easier and pain-free.”. See our latest reviews.

    Is the divorce process different from an online divorce vs using a solicitor?

    No, the divorce process does not change and the same exact procedure needs to be followed regardless of whether you do it yourself, do it online, or use a traditional solicitor.

    You can see the exact divorce procedure you need to follow when filing for divorce, which is used by everyone that applies for a divorce in England and Wales.

    An online divorce simplifies the process of getting a divorce by removing the need to visit our offices to complete any paperwork, which can be done via phone, email, Skype, Whatsapp and live chat.

    Here are the 8 steps you will need to follow to end your marriage with an online divorce:

    1) Pay the service fee

    Applying online requires you to make a secure payment for your desired service. This can be done online or via the phone on 01793 384 029.

    2) User accesses an online account

    You will be provided with login details to our online divorce system, which enables you to complete your divorce documents and track your divorce.

    3) User completes a set of questions

    These questions will be basic personal and marriage details, which will then enable us to start drafting your divorce papers for you.

    4) Divorce documents are drafted

    Your dedicated personal case manager will draft your divorce papers from the information you have provided us with to ensure they are correct.

    5) Case manager edits and checks documents

    Your case manager will check your divorce petition to ensure it’s correct and make any necessary edits before they are sent out to you.

    6) User is sent divorce papers to sign

    Your completed divorce documents will be posted to you for signature. Once you’ve signed the papers, you will need to return them back to us.

    7) Case manager progresses with your application

    Your divorce petition will be sent into court and divorce proceedings will be initiated. Your case manager will then process all other applications until you receive your decree absolute.

    8) User tracks divorce process online

    Log in to your online case area and track the progress of your divorce case from start-to-finish. This feature is excellent for busy people and those that aren’t confident in completing the divorce process themselves.

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      Is My Situation Suitable for a Divorce Online?

      Applying for a divorce online isn’t the right method for every couple. Especially those with a high net worth or substantial assets such as overseas property portfolios for example.

      However, for most couples, getting a divorce online is the most straightforward, efficient and affordable option available.

      Here are the requirements to get a divorce online;

      • You have valid grounds for divorce
      • You have been married for at least 12 months
      • Both parties are in an agreement to the divorce
      • You live in England or Wales (Or if you live abroad, you see the UK as your permanent home)

      It’s not always possible to achieve an amicable divorce, which makes it easier to get a divorce online. However,  if your relationship with your ex is amicable, then you don’t need to spend thousands on solicitors, which can in some cases worsen the relationship.

      I Need a Financial Order, Can I Still Get a Divorce Online?

      The short answer is yes. You can get a divorce online to end your marriage and apply for a financial consent order to run alongside your divorce proceedings.

      Documenting your financial agreement by applying to the court to grant you a financial order requires the assistance of a solicitor.

      The drafting of the consent order must include specific legal clauses in line with the UK divorce law, which means doing it yourself or finding a free template will not be granted by a judge.

      This doesn’t mean that you need to instruct local solicitors for this. Our family law solicitors can help you do this alongside your divorce online application.


      The Main Benefits of Getting a Divorce Online vs Traditional Solicitors

      There are so many benefits to doing your divorce online over the traditional method of hiring solicitors to handle your divorce.

      Find some of the most common reasons why more people are choosing an online divorce service vs using a high-street solicitor.

      ✅  All services are fixed fee

      With an online divorce, there are no hourly or hidden costs because each service is a fixed fee.

      Our fixed fee services start from just £59 and provide a way for people to obtain a low-cost divorce when both parties are in agreement.

      ✅  No visiting offices or taking time off work

      Everything from applying for divorce to completing the divorce papers is done online, email or phone.

      There’s no need to visit offices to complete paperwork that can very easily be done online in minutes.

      ✅  Online divorce services are much quicker

      High-street divorce solicitors aren’t known for their speed. That’s where online divorce is different, it’s all about making the divorce process as quick as possible to reduce the stress and acrimony.

      We typically finalise divorce cases in 10-12 weeks quicker than most high-street solicitors do.

      ✅  Online divorce is much cheaper

      A divorce using a solicitor will likely cost you over £1,000 + VAT. For an agreed divorce this is quite unnecessary.

      Our clients each typically save over £750 when compared to quotes they received from local divorce solicitors.

      ✅  You can track progress online

      We’re one of the only online divorce providers that enables you to track the entire divorce procedure online.

      ✅  Online divorce have better customer service

      You have direct contact information for your dedicated case manager.

      There’s no passing you around or waiting to receive the information you need.

      We know how annoying it can be when dealing with customer services that have you on hold and pass you between departments, which is why we don’t do that to you.

      Screenshot of Divorce-Online.co.uk homepage

      Screenshot of Divorce-Online.co.uk homepage

      How to find an online divorce service?

      There are three simple ways to find the right online divorce service that suits your situation.

      1. Visit our website and browse our range of online divorce services.
      2. Use our simple online tool to find the best service for you.
      3. Call us for a free consultation on 01793 384 029.

      If you’d like to find out how we can save you time, stress and money with our online divorce services, please call us on 01793 384 029 or email us for more information.

      Between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday-Friday we have live chat operating where a qualified divorce expert will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries you have.

      Find The Most Suitable Divorce Service

      Use our simple qualification tool to see which service is the most suitable for you. Answer a few simple questions to be matched with the perfect service. We can help you divorce from just £59.

      This post was written by Mark Keenan. Editor of Divorce-Online and Managing Director of Online Legal Services Ltd. Mark has been writing about divorce and related subjects for over 20+ years and is an expert in legal marketing.

      Form – Callback Request Form

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