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Financial Consent Order Services – From Just £199

Obtaining a consent order is the only way that divorced parties can ensure that any agreement reached is legally enforceable in law.

Without obtaining a consent order through court, you will still be financially tied to your ex-partner, even years down the line after your divorce.

We encourage every couple that obtain a divorce through our services to obtain a financial order with a clean break order, so that both parties can move on with peace of mind that no further or future claims can be made against either party.

We will provide you with both forms that need completing and signing by both parties. The difference between the services is the amount of work you wish to do and whether you would like our legal professionals to manage your financial application.

A clean break order that is drafted by our qualified solicitors will legally sever all finances ties from your spouse after a divorce. It’s ideal for couples with no on-going payments and those with little or no assets to divide.
A DIY consent order allows you to make sure that following your divorce from your ex partner, neither party can go back to the court and ask for more money or assets. A consent order is the only way divorced parties can ensure that any agreement reached by each other is enforceable in law and that no further claims can be made against the other after the divorce has been made absolute.
Unlike the DIY consent order service, the managed consent order will involve Divorce-Online handling the process with the court of obtaining a consent order for you to secure your assets and finances. There is less work involved with the managed service as we file for the consent order for you, and it is only £299, saving you over £900.00 compared to using a high-street solicitor for the same service.
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