Solicitor Consent Order

Solicitor Consent Order

Take the hassle out of obtaining a legally binding consent order with our Solicitor Consent Order Service for only £599. Our solicitors handle your entire application, from drafting to court filing, ensuring your agreement is rock-solid.


Managed Consent Order Service for £399 - We Manage Your Entire Application

Solicitor Consent Order Service – £599

Take the hassle out of obtaining a legally binding consent order with our Solicitor Consent Order Service for only £599.

Our solicitors handle your entire application, from drafting to court filing, ensuring your agreement is rock-solid and court-approved.

Complete one simple online form with your financial details, no hassle arranging childcare or time off work for in-person visits.


Have Your Consent Order Application Managed For You by Solicitors

Protect your assets and secure your financial future post-divorce with our Solicitor Consent Order Service, priced at just £599.

Our experienced solicitors will draft and file your consent order, giving you the certainty of legal representation. Unlike high street solicitors, we offer a transparent fixed fee with no hidden or hourly charges.

They will formally act for you and go on the court record.

Obtain a financial consent order without hassle or high legal costs. Complete a simple online document with details of your financial agreement and your solicitor handles the rest for you.

With a clean break clause in place, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that no future claims can disrupt your financial stability.

A consent order can outline the division of the following assets or liabilities: savings, debts, lump sums, maintenance, property division, pension sharing, businesses, investments, and more.

Have questions about your financial agreement? Chat with us on Live Chat for quick and reliable answers.

megaphoneWho’s This Service Ideal For? This service is ideal for people who want to have their financial agreement made into a legally binding court order but want the certainty of having a solicitor act for them.

As we deal with your entire financial application with this service, you are not required to file anything yourself with the courts.

Once we file the application for you with the court, the order typically takes 8-10 weeks to be approved and made legally binding.

How Do I Get Started With This Service for £599?

  1. Complete our simple online order form & make a secure payment of £599.
  2. Login to your personal case area (login details are provided to you upon purchase).
  3. Both parties complete a quick & simple online questionnaire with basic marriage and financial details.
  4. Our expert solicitors will draft your consent order agreement and send it to you, to agree and sign.
  5. We will file the application and deal with the courts for you once we receive the signed agreement.

You can fast-track the drafting of your consent order from 28-31 working days to 5-7 working days by calling us on 01793 384 029.

Court fees are currently £53.00 to apply for a consent order. You may be exempt from paying court fees if you are on a low income or benefits.

Compare our service with other leading family-law providers

Divorce-Online Co-op Legal Services Amicable
Price £599 £1,000+ £900
Fixed-Fee? Yes Yes Yes
Online Service? Yes No Yes
Drafted by Solicitors? Yes Yes N/A
Pension Sharing? Yes N/A N/A

** What is an online service?

An online service is where you can submit the financial information for your consent order without needing to complete any paperwork, phone calls, or emails. It speeds up the process of having a solicitor review your information and draft the necessary agreement.

What’s Included With our Solicitor Consent Order Service?

  • Solicitor Drafted – Your order is drafted by qualified & experienced solicitors.
  • All forms are completed and filed at court for you – Including the statement of information D81
  • Our solicitors go on the court record and handle all correspondence.
  • In the event of a court refusal, our solicitors will work with you to ensure a resolution is found.
  • Fast turnaround – up to 31 working days from start to finish.
  • A one-off payment of £599. No hidden costs.

Fully Represented Consent Order Service by Solicitors

Let us handle your entire financial application for you without having to attend our offices or court.

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