I want a divorce but I don’t know the address for my husband or wife is a common question we get.

Not knowing where your ex-partner lives does not always mean you are going to have to hire a lawyer to deal with it and spend thousands of pounds getting a divorce.

There are some procedural hoops to get over with the court, but we are experts at dealing with divorces where you don’t know the address of your missing spouse.

We have a missing spouse divorce service for £349 fixed fee, saving you over £1,000 compared to instructing a solicitor.

Before the court will grant you a divorce, you are going to have to show them that you have taken all reasonable steps to try to find an address for your missing spouse, so they can be served with the divorce papers.

If you can find an address for a spouse or a close relative such as a parent or a sibling, we advise you to do so as the divorce papers can sometimes be served on the relative if they are still in touch with each other.

Our friendly divorce advisers can advise you on your options and costs involved with this type of divorce.

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What If you can’t get an address for your husband or wife?

If your husband or wife have moved abroad and there is very little chance of you obtaining their address, the court will usually allow you to proceed with the divorce.

If they are likely to still be in the UK, the court will want you to find the address.

There are a number of different routes you can take and our fixed fee service for £349 will allow you to obtain a divorce.

There are 3 different options that may be relevant to your situation, which we have listed below to give you an idea of how each works.

1) Application for substituted service of the divorce petition

If you know where your spouse works, or where relatives live then you can ask the court for the divorce petition to be served on them instead.

You have to persuade the court that your spouse will become aware of the proceedings using this method, otherwise, you’ll need to follow a different step.

2) Application for a Disclosure order from HMRC

If you have no contact with any of your spouse’s relatives, you can apply to the court for a disclosure order, but only if your spouse last lived in the UK.

This order is made against HM Revenue and Customs and you will need to provide your spouse’s date of birth, NI number if you have it and also their last known address.

HMRC will then look through their database and try to find an address for them. If they find an address they will write to the court.

The court will then send the divorce papers to that address. If they do not respond, the divorce goes through without their consent.

3) Application to Dispense with service of the divorce petition

If your spouse was a foreign national or there is no way of finding them or any relative, then you can apply to the court to dispense with service of the divorce petition.

As with all things, there are additional costs for doing this, and every time you make an application to the court it costs an extra £50.00 over and above the initial £550 for the divorce petition issue fee.

What service can we offer you?

If you want to get divorced but don’t know where your spouse is, we can do that for you for a fixed fee.

You’ll receive a personal service with a dedicated and experienced case manager to take control of your case and ensure it is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can also track your case progress online 24/7.

We will advise you of the best route to take based on your individual circumstances and our extensive experience.

Simply call us for a free consultation on 01793 384 029 and find out how to proceed with a divorce where you don’t have an address for your spouse.

A high street solicitor will not usually deal with this kind of work under a fixed fee arrangement and will normally charge around £150 per hour leading to a bill of over £2,000 + VAT on average.

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