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How To Start Your Divorce Proceedings Online Without Hiring Solicitors

Processing a divorce application online has been around in the UK for over 20 years, but even now some people are still sceptical and unsure about it.

Online divorce is a more streamlined and efficient way to end your marriage compared with the traditional route of instructing a local lawyer.

How do I start divorce proceedings and why do thousands of people choose an online divorce over traditional high street family law solicitors every year?

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    How To Start Your Divorce Proceedings Without Using Solicitors

    To start divorce proceedings in England or Wales you must have been married for at least 12 months and one party to the divorce must live in England or Wales or still regard England or Wales as their permanent home if living abroad.

    Provided the answer is yes to the above you can submit a divorce application on the basis of the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage without any lengthy separation period or having to blame your partner for unreasonable behaviour or of committing adultery.

    If you are unsure how to start divorce proceedings, please call us on 01793 384 029 for a free consultation or speak with us on Live Chat.

    How To Start a No-Fault Divorce

    In most cases, instructing solicitors is unnecessary and the procedure can be completed simply without hassle. Here is a timeline of the divorce process.

    Step 1

    One person starts the divorce

    Step 2

    The court sends your partner a copy of the petition and acknowledgement of service (AOS). 20-week reflection period starts.

    Step 3

    You apply for the conditional order

    Step 4

    The court reviews your application

    Step 5

    The court grants the conditional order. This starts a 6-week cooling off period before moving onto the next step.

    Step 6

    Application for a financial order Submit your financial consent order to the court for approval.

    Step 7

    You apply for the final order

    Step 8

    The court grants the final order and you are officially divorced

    Why You Should Start Your Divorce with Divorce-Online

    Below you will find the most common reasons why people choose to use Divorce-Online to obtain a quick and easy divorce.

    • Personal case manager available throughout – one-to-one contact.
    • No face-to-face meetings or time off work – everything completed online.
    • Quicker and cheaper than solicitors – Typically over 50% cheaper.
    • Telephone and Email support throughout – Updated throughout your case.
    • Track your divorce process online anytime – Great for busy people.
    • Fully insured and reputable company – over 20 years online.
    • Saving over £1,000 on your divorce compared to most other options.

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    Find The Ideal Service For You in Minutes...

    Do you or your spouse live in England or Wales?
    Do you need to split any money or assets?
    Have you started a divorce application yet?
    Did you answer 'no' to splitting your finances because...
    We have already split our finances
    We have no assets to sort out
    What are you looking to do?
    Just looking to divorce
    Divorce and end all financial claims

    Please beware: The act of just getting a divorce does not end your financial ties!

    Your ex would be entitled to claim against any future property you purchase, any savings, or pension funds you build up and so on.

    I am fine with that
    I want to stop future financial claims

    Start your Divorce Online Today in Minutes

    Once you have chosen your divorce service you simply need to complete the order form or pay over the phone to start your divorce. You will then need to provide us with some basic information in an online questionnaire.

    Some of the basic information we need from you will be listed below. This information will enable us to draft your divorce documents for you.

    1. Your spouse’s full name
    2. Your place of marriage
    3. The date of separation

    For only £199 including vat, we can deal with your whole divorce process and on average complete your divorce within 20-22 weeks, which is under half the length of time it would take to do your own divorce.

    For a quicker and more stress-free divorce process, do your divorce online and let our experts handle your divorce for a fraction of the cost of using solicitors.

    The no-fault divorce process is exactly the same as it would be were you to use a solicitor. The main difference between using Divorce-Online and solicitors is the cost of your divorce, why pay £1,000 when you can pay £199?

    Ready To Start Your No-Fault Divorce?

    We can help you obtain a divorce without any hassle and in an efficient manner for just £199. Our team of friendly divorce experts handle all aspects of your divorce and keep you updated throughout.

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