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Divorce-Online – Our Mission

Since 1999, our mission has been to provide professional legal services to couples that reduce acrimony and stress whilst also saving money on legal fees.

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What We Aim To Achieve

Our mission since 1999, has been to help divorcing couples end their marriage with dignity and enable them to keep as much of their money and assets as possible.

With the help of legal experts and IT professionals, we set about creating a set of systems and processes that would allow people to apply for a divorce online in the UK, without having to pay thousands of pounds to separate lawyers.


Save couples money – Our number one mission back in 1999 was to create a service that enabled couples to get divorced without breaking the bank. We typically save couples over £1,000 in legal fees, which reduces financial stress at a difficult time.


Reduce stress & hassle – Getting a divorce doesn’t need to be stressful but it often is. Our service is the most hassle-free way to get divorced as we handle all aspects for you. Completing forms, speaking to the court, and providing you with updates straight to your phone are just some of the ways we help.


Avoid legal battles and unnecessary animosity – Traditionally, solicitors work with one party to get the best outcome for their client. This approach works if there is a dispute between a couple, but what if they both agree? Our collaborative approach means that both parties can complete the process online.

Why 150,000+ couples think Divorce-Online is better than DIY divorce.

Divorce-Online is:

  • Faster & More Efficient Get divorced in 7 months instead of 10+ months. Having handled over 100,000 cases, we know the process!
  • More Affordable Spend just £249 vs £1,000+ on solicitors fees. Fixed fee with no nasty hidden extras.
  • More Hassle-free No time off work, visiting offices, or spending hours speaking to the court. Receive updates to your phone throughout.

Our Experience Over 20 Years


We have handled more cases than anyone else.

£50M+ savings in legal fees
The average client saves over £750. No hidden charges.

4K+ Trustpilot Reviews
The most-rated online divorce provider on Trustpilot!

Buy With Confidence
The only divorce provider that is approved by Trading Standards.

Do you need a family law solicitor?

Do you need professional legal advice or support with another type of family law issue? Our family law solicitors at Online Legal Services Solicitors can help!

On 1st June 2017, Online Legal Services Ltd acquired 100% of the shareholding of the law firm Online Legal Services Solicitors Ltd T/A OLS Solicitors and are now able to refer clients with a range of family law problems to our specialist family law firm.

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How It Works

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1. Sign up for our service

Find the ideal service for you and make a secure payment online or speak with our team to get started.

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2. Complete a simple questionnaire

Provide us with all the details we need to process your divorce in one simple online form.

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3. Speak with your case manager

Walk through the initial process with your case manager. A great time to ask any questions you have.

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4. Sit back and carry on with your life

Our team will process your case from this point on. You’ll receive notifications and updates throughout.

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Managed Divorce Online

  • Divorce papers are drafted for you
  • The divorce process is managed on your behalf
  • Track your divorce online, from start-to-finish
  • We handle any queries from the judge for you

The ideal service for people who want to have a simple, affordable, and hassle-free divorce.

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