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Guide To Prenuptial Agreements in the UK

We all hope that when we get married, we live a long and happy one. However,  if the unthinkable happens and the marriage ends, a prenuptial agreement can protect you.

These marriage contracts are no longer just for the rich and famous. With more people marrying later in life, prenups are becoming more popular for ‘normal people’ as a way of avoiding long and costly court battles in the future.

Is it unromantic or pragmatic to take practical steps to protect your money and assets in the future before getting married? We hope to unpack this all in our simplified guide.

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    Prenuptial Agreement Service

    Prenuptial agreements are now considered to be an essential ‘insurance policy’ for anyone entering into a marriage with assets they wish to protect.

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    This is a legal agreement for people that are getting married but want to protect their assets in the event of a divorce in the future.
    • Fixed-fee with no hidden extras
    • Professional legal advice on the implications of signing a prenup
    • For £699 you receive a professionally drafted agreement in 28-31 days

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can You Get a Prenup Online?

    Can you get a prenup online in the UK is a question being asked more and more. These agreements are now considered to be an essential ‘insurance policy’ for those who want to protect their assets before entering a marriage.

    Many people in the UK are now choosing this strategy and not just those with a high net worth. If both parties are in an agreement and have taken legal advice then getting a prenup online is a sensible option.

    Can a prenuptial agreement be changed?

    Yes, prenups can always be changed throughout the marriage and in fact, many of them have clauses inbuilt in that they might be reviewed after a certain amount of time or after big life events, such as the birth of a child.

    Can I get a prenuptial agreement after getting married?

    You can only get a prenup agreement before you get married, but you can get a postnuptial agreement any time during a marriage.

    A postnup can cover all sorts of assets including property, savings, pensions, inheritance, and high-value art and jewellery.

    The aim of a postnuptial agreement is to avoid assets becoming mixed together in the matrimonial pot and to reduce financial disputes further down the line in the case of divorce.

    What is the difference between a prenup and a postnup?

    Both types of agreements are very similar. The main difference is that the couple enters into a postnuptial agreement after they have married or entered into their civil partnership.

    The ‘pre’ in prenuptial means that the agreement is entered into before marriage.

    Difference Between Prenups & Postnups

    Can you write your own prenup in the UK?

    Like with most legal contracts in the UK, you can find free templates online and work your way through them yourselves.

    If your marriage ends and divorce proceedings are started then the agreement you have written yourself is very unlikely to stand up in court, let alone have legal clauses drafted correctly for debts, inheritance, pensions, and so on.

    If you have valuable assets that you wish to protect in the event of divorce, do you really want to risk the agreement being thrown out of court because you haven’t spent £699 having a solicitor prepare it for you?

    Mark Keenan, the founder of, said: “Discussing how assets are to be split in the event of a divorce might feel unromantic before getting wed, but it is an important step towards protecting yourself and your finances later in life.

    Having these conversations won’t ruin your relationship, it could actually make it stronger. A side benefit to getting a prenup is that it forces couples to get into the day-to-day details of their finances and how they think about money.

    Even if you are not currently wealthy, you never know where you will end up financially and if a relationship will stand the test of time so it’s still just as important for you”.

    Prenuptial Agreement Service – £699

    This service is ideal for couples that want to obtain a prenuptial agreement before marriage without spending thousands of pounds on lawyers’ fees. The agreement is drafted by qualified solicitors and will be presented to you within 28-31 working days.

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