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Family Law Solicitors

Divorce-Online family law solicitors provide affordable family law advice & services to everyone. With fixed prices starting from just £65 including VAT we are considerably cheaper than your local high street solicitor for prenups and many other family law agreements.

Our reputation has been built on providing excellent customer service and we consistently get 5* reviews for our services on independent review website Trust pilot.

Whether you need assistance with obtaining a prenup, a separation agreement or a cohabitation agreement, we can help you save time, stress and money!

In most cases you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds having a solicitor draft the paperwork and give you the legal advice you need. Read more about our services below.

Our Family Law Services

Our family law services are handled by qualified family law solicitors with over 10+ years of experience.

Separation Agreement
Our separation agreement service is dealt with by experienced and qualified family law Solicitors. They will take the information you provide for your separation agreement and from that they will prepare a draft agreement for you to consider and approve.
Prenuptial Agreement
Prenups are for people who are getting married but want certainty about their financial affairs if they end up in a divorce situation. Recent cases in the Supreme Court such as Radmacher-V-Radmacher have upheld the validity of pre-nuptial agreements in English law.
Postnuptial Agreement
Postnups are agreements for married couples that want certainty about their financial affairs if they end up in a divorce situation. Recent cases in the Supreme Court such as Radmacher-V-Radmacher have upheld the validity of postnuptial agreements in English law.
Cohabitation Agreement
A cohabitation agreement sets out what will happen to the couple’s finances and assets such as the family home, in the event of a breakup and will save unnecessary arguments and legal fees in the future. It is in effect an insurance policy against splitting up.
Shared Parenting
Shared Parenting Agreements are for parents who have separated and who have reached an agreement for their own arrangements regarding the care of their children and who wish to have that agreement detailed in writing. We can help you for just £599 fixed-fee.
Legal Advice Service
Speak to our family law solicitors to receive professional legal advice to understand your legal position in relation to your current circumstances and the law. We can help for just £130 fixed-fee for a one-hour telephone call with our solicitor.

Information on our Family Law Services

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenup is a legal contract entered into before marriage that sets out each partner’s rights concerning property, income, and assets should the marriage fail. It can help remove uncertainty for both parties by making it clear what is to happen to assets within the matrimonial pot in the event of a divorce.

Separation Agreements

A separation agreement, or deed of separation, is an is an informal arrangement between a divorcing or separating couple in the form of a legal contract. It sets out future arrangements for things like finances, children, property and also debts and can be referred to later when filing for a divorce.

Cohabitation Agreements

A cohabitation agreement or living together agreement is a legal document that set out what will happen to a couple’s finances and assets such as the family home and savings in the event of a breakup. Without one there is often very little that can be done to resolve financial disputes.