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Benefits of a Divorce Online

There’s an easier, cheaper and more hassle-free way to get divorced compared to hiring solicitors and that’s getting a divorce online.

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The Benefits Of Getting a Divorce Online


Save Money

  • Our services are fixed fees, meaning you know the exact cost of your divorce without nasty hidden or extra fees.
  • The price you see always covers both parties, meaning you don’t need separate representation. Our aim is to reduce conflict, not add to it.



  • No waiting on hold to the court asking for updates. As we deal with everything for you, we do the leg work by chasing the court.
  • You’ll receive important updates throughout your case via your online account and email as we proactively chase the court on your behalf.
  • No need to understand legal terminology or processes. Simply complete an online form within your account with basic personal and marriage details. That’s it!



  • Work with both parties to reduce conflict, but also speed up the process by prompting each party when an action is required.
  • We submit the necessary application forms at each stage as efficiently as possible. It’s easy to put these off when dealing with the case yourself.

There isn’t a simpler, more affordable, and hassle-free way to get divorced.

Get Started With Your Divorce In Under 2 Minutes

Compare each of your options. It’s a simple choice when you know.

Divorce-Online Do It Yourself Local Solicitors
Hours spent on getting divorced < 2 hours 20+ hours 15-20 hours
Support on your case The court cannot provide advice to you.
Ability to track your case You’ll need to call the court each time you want an answer
Average timescale 30 weeks 38-42 weeks* 34-42 weeks

When you compare our service vs DIY divorce, it’s easy to see why a divorce online is the fastest and simplest route.

There is no paperwork to complete. You don’t need to visit any offices or arrange childcare. Everything can be completed at your convenience.

Better yet, you can sit back and continue with your life whilst receiving updates on your case to your account, which you can access 24/7 from a phone or laptop.

How It Works

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1. Sign up for our service

Find the ideal service for you and make a secure payment online or speak with our team to get started.

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2. Complete a simple questionnaire

Provide us with all the details we need to process your divorce in one simple online form.

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3. Speak with your case manager

Walk through the initial process with your case manager. A great time to ask any questions you have.

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4. Sit back and carry on with your life

Our team will process your case from this point on. You’ll receive notifications and updates throughout.

benefits of getting a divorce online

Divorce, made simple.

benefits of getting a divorce online

Our Divorce Service Is Rated 5* by Thousands

We’re proud to have the most reviews on Trustpilot with over 4,000 positive reviews.

We encourage everyone considering getting a divorce to read the reviews of all services to help guide your decision.

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Managed Divorce Online

  • Divorce papers are drafted for you
  • The divorce process is managed on your behalf
  • Track your divorce online, from start-to-finish
  • We handle any queries from the judge for you

The ideal service for people who want to have a simple, affordable, and hassle-free divorce.

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