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How to Get a Quick Divorce Online From £199

Many couples seek a quick and easy divorce each year, but is it possible and what is considered a quick divorce in the days of COVID-19 and no-fault divorce?

If there is an agreement to divorce from both parties and your relationship with your spouse remains amicable then it is absolutely possible to obtain a quick and simple divorce.

On this page, we will show you a simple, hassle-free and affordable solution to divorce that avoids court appearances, solicitors’ fees and unnecessary conflict.

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    How Divorce-Online Can Help You

    Since 1999, over 150,000 couples have used our online divorce services as an alternative solution to divorce compared with hiring local solicitors.

    We offer you a simple, hassle-free and affordable way to divorce that removes the stress from the divorce process. Furthermore, you can track everything online from your phone or laptop.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does an average divorce take?

    A typical divorce should take between 5-6 months depending on a range of factors, most notably, where you live and how you choose to file for divorce, e.g. via postage or online.

    How long does a typical divorce take?

    What is classed as a quick divorce in 2022?

    Courts are just about catching up with the backlog caused by COVID-19. Before the new divorce law was introduced, a quick divorce was considered to be between 4-5 months in England and Wales when filing for divorce online.

    Living in no-fault divorce times, the fastest time you can expect a divorce application to be completed in is 6-months.

    Has No Fault Divorce affected divorce timescales?

    Many couples believe that the introduction of no-fault divorce is going to mean that a divorce can be instant.

    This, however, is not the case. The government has introduced a 20-week reflection period into the divorce procedure, which means even the simplest of cases are going to take at least 6 months.

    So, in actual fact, getting a divorce is likely to get slower for most people compared with the timescales right now.

    Pros and Cons of No Fault Divorce

    What do I need for a quick divorce?

    The criteria for a quick and simple divorce usually boils down to the following things:

    • You both need to be in agreement on the divorce
    • You have agreed on the grounds for divorce
    • You have agreed on who is to be the petitioner and respondent
    • You have no financial or children arrangements to make or you are dealing with them after the divorce

    Find The Most Suitable Divorce Service

    Use our simple qualification tool to see which service is the most suitable for you. Answer a few simple questions to be matched with the perfect service. We can help you divorce from just £199.

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