DIY Divorce in 2023 – Is It Possible & How Does It Work?

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    Key Points

    • Generally, it takes between 7 to 8 months for a straightforward DIY divorce to be finalised. However, unexpected circumstances or complications can potentially extend the timeline to over 12 months from petition to final order.
    • A DIY divorce without any help will cost £593 unless you’re on a low income or receive certain state benefits.
    • Doing your own divorce without help doesn’t mean divorce is free – there’s still a £593 court fee to pay.
    • Doing your own divorce is often not the fastest or simplest route to getting divorced.

    Is my situation suitable for a DIY divorce?

    By now, you understand what a DIY divorce is and how it works, but is it right for you?

    There are various things to consider, such as:

    1. Are you confident and comfortable dealing with the legal process?
    2. Do you want the added stress involved with completing your own divorce?
    3. Do you have financial arrangements to make alongside the divorce proceedings?
    4. Are you happy to spend 20+ hours completing forms, speaking to your ex, and ringing the court?

    Most people opt for the DIY route because of costs. They want a quick divorce for as little money as possible.

    The cost of a divorce is typically between £800 – £1,500, but by doing it yourself and avoiding those fees you can save hundreds.

    Cost isn’t everything. Divorce is a legal process, so things can go wrong or be done incorrectly. This can lead to additional costs.

    You need to look at the hassle and time strain involved with a DIY divorce to truly know whether it’s the right option for you.

    Have you considered the inconvenience of handling a divorce alongside a busy life and weighed up whether an additional £200-£300 is worth it?

    View our Online Divorce Service for £199 – We’ll remove the stress and hassle from your divorce by handling everything for you.

    Pros of getting a DIY divorce:

    1. Cost-effective: Saves money by eliminating the need for expensive legal fees.
    2. Control and autonomy: Spouses have direct input and make decisions regarding the divorce terms.
    3. Simplicity and convenience: Offers a streamlined process that can be conducted at one’s own pace and schedule.

    Cons of getting a DIY divorce:

    1. Lack of legal expertise: Without professional guidance, important legal matters and complexities may be overlooked.
    2. Emotional strain: Managing the divorce process personally can be emotionally challenging and may strain the relationship further.
    3. Potential mistakes: Errors in paperwork or failure to adhere to legal requirements may lead to delays or complications in the divorce process.

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    Has no-fault divorce made DIY divorce easier?

    Previously, a DIY divorce may have involved downloading a ‘diy divorce kit’, which included the divorce forms and a guide for you to follow.

    No-fault divorce has digitalised the divorce procedure, meaning you can now complete a DIY divorce online.

    From a phone or laptop, you can start divorce proceedings. No need to download any forms or complete paperwork.

    No fault divorce has undoubtedly made it easier for couples who are in complete agreement to end their marriage.

    Whether or not this type of divorce is suitable for you and your circumstances is another question.

    What are the alternative options?

    Although the vast majority of people who file for divorce do so by themselves, there are two other options available.

    1) Divorce Online

    The simplest and most affordable alternative to doing your own divorce is using an online divorce service.

    An online divorce will take away all of the downsides of a DIY divorce such as the time strain and the hassle.

    You can get a divorce online for £199. This gives you the guarantee of obtaining a straightforward divorce without any issues.

    To make deciding which option is right for you easier, we’ve put together a comparison of divorce online and DIY divorce.

    2) Local solicitors

    If you’re considering doing your own divorce to save money, then hiring solicitors to help you probably isn’t your first choice.

    Most solicitors firms now offer fixed fee packages instead of the traditional hourly rates method.

    These fixed-fee services are suitable for couples who are in agreement and who are not looking to obtain any kind of financial order.

    Ready To Start Your Divorce?

    Our online divorce services are ideal for couples that are looking to separate in an amicable way whilst protecting their money and assets by way of a financial consent order. Our solicitors will draft the order to your individual circumstances and support you through the implementation.

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