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Separation Agreement Service

For people who want to put their financial settlement into a legal agreement before the divorce.

We will draft your separation agreement, ready for you to approve and sign, with detailed instructions and advice for just £599.00.


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Separation Agreement Service

For people who want to put their settlement into a legal agreement before divorce. We will prepare your separation agreement, ready for you to approve and sign, with instructions on how to sign for just £599.00.


Separation Agreement Service Solicitor Handled for £599

Our Separation Agreement Service is managed by qualified and experienced family law solicitors, to ensure you receive a high-quality service for an affordable fixed fee.

You will provide us with basic details regarding the agreement you’ve reached and then those details will be passed to our solicitors, who’ll proceed to draft your order as instructed.

They will then advise you on how to correctly sign your agreement and put it into legal effect for just £599 including VAT saving you over £750 compared to using local solicitors.

You will receive professional legal advice on the implications of signing the agreement, which adds a layer of ‘weight’ to the agreement when it comes to enforcing it.

The agreement you’ve reached will be drafted by qualified solicitors with 10+ years of experience and will not be a template order that can be found on other websites.

These types of generic and templated agreements will not pass through the court in the event of a dispute and the judge reviewing your order will likely throw it out, meaning you’ve wasted your time and money.

Have Questions About Separation Agreements or Divorce? Speak to our friendly team on Live Chat for a quick and reliable answer or call us on 01793 384 029.

How to Obtain a Separation Agreement

  1. Complete our simple online order form and make a secure one-off payment.
  2. You will now need to complete an online questionnaire with some details on your agreement.
  3. These details are then sent to your drafting solicitor who will prepare and draft your individual separation agreement for you.
  4. The drafted agreement will then be e-mailed to you for approval to ensure it matches the agreement you’ve reached and provided us with.

You can, of course, raise any questions at any time or ask for amendments until you are happy the agreement reflects your wishes (all included in the price).

It typically takes 31 working days for a separation agreement to be drafted, but if speed is important to you, it can be fast-tracked to within 7 days; call us on 01793 384 029 to find out more.

Examples of what can be covered in a Separation Agreement

A separation agreement can pretty much deal with anything you want it to and each agreement we prepare is unique and drafted specifically to the needs of each client.

Here are some examples of what can be included in the agreement:

  • How much each party is to pay in respect of the mortgage, rent or household bills until you are able to move.
  • How your debts will be split between you.
  • How the money from the sale of a home will be split after payment of fees.
  • How pensions will be divided in the event of divorce.
  • How to separate joint bank accounts and savings.
  • The division of personal property such as cars, CD collections, and furniture.
  • The payment of any ongoing maintenance for a spouse or children
  • Who the children will live with and when they will see the other spouse.

What’s Included Within Our Separation Agreement Service for £599?

This service provides you with the legal advice you need to give your agreement enforceability with the courts whilst also having your solicitor deal with any queries from opposing solicitors for you. It allows you to carry on with your life without any fuss or stress.

  • Solicitor drafted Separation Agreement to your exact needs.
  • Professional legal advice on the implications of signing the agreement.
  • The agreement will be sent to your partner and their solicitors (if they have representation).
  • Any correspondence from your partner’s solicitor will be dealt with for you.
  • Your solicitor will advise you on any requested amendments or objections.
  • The original agreement can be securely stored for you.

Are separation agreements enforceable in court?

The court has to take any prior agreement into account in the event of a matrimonial dispute.

As long as the agreement was drawn up without duress and both parties disclosed their income and assets truthfully, the agreement will be upheld.

How much does a separation agreement cost?

The Separation Agreement Service will cost just £599 including VAT and is managed by our team of highly qualified and experienced family law solicitors.

Our affordable fixed-fee service will typically save you over £750 compared to the cost of using local high street solicitors.

An Affordable, Professionally Drafted Agreement

Have your separation agreement drafted for you by qualified solicitors for a low-cost fixed fee. There’s no need to attend court or our offices. You’ll save over £750 by using this service over hiring solicitors.

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