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Seven-Year Itch Confirmed: Gen X Most Likely to Divorce at Average Age 43.9

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    A new study by Divorce-Online has confirmed the long-suspected ‘seven-year itch’ phenomenon in marriages.

    The study revealed that the highest number of divorces occur at the seven-year mark.

    This finding supports the notion that there is indeed something noteworthy about the seven-year itch. The study also revealed that Generation X individuals are the most likely to experience divorce.

    With financial issues cited as the main reasons for divorce among this generation, external factors play a significant role in the breakdown of marriages.

    These findings dispel any misconceptions about divorce rates among different age groups.

    Furthermore, the study found that the average age at which Gen X individuals divorce is 43.9 years. This suggests that couples may face unique challenges during this stage of life, leading to an increased risk of divorce.

    In light of current trends towards open discussions about mental health, the rise in demand for relationship counselling services, and the ongoing debate about the influence of Generation X on societal norms, this study’s data should be used to target the groups that need it the most.

    Mark Keenan, CEO of, who carried out the study said, ‘Our research sheds new light on marriage and divorce trends, confirming the seven-year itch phenomenon is real and particularly affects Generation X couples.’

    Couples need to recognise the challenges they may face during this time and seek support if needed.

    Gilly Chapell, The Clinical Director at Counselling Wiltshire highlights a core challenge for Generation X: “Raised in an era where personal boundaries and expressing needs was not heard of, has left many to navigate their relationships without these crucial tools. Recognising unmet needs and respecting each other’s boundaries is crucial development for everyone. For Generation X it’s about evolving how we respect and connect, paving the way for deeper more fulfilling relationships, the reality is that sometimes that means starting over.”

    Contrary to popular trends and beliefs, the study did not find any significant differences in divorce rates based on geographical location.

    This suggests that the seven-year itch is not influenced by external factors such as cultural or regional differences. These findings provide valuable insights into the dynamics of marriage and divorce today.

    They highlight the need for couples to be proactive in addressing issues that arise during the seven-year mark and emphasise the importance of support services tailored to the unique needs of Generation X individuals.

    By understanding these trends, individuals and professionals alike can work towards healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

    In conclusion, the study confirms the existence of the seven-year itch phenomenon, with Generation X individuals being the most susceptible to divorce at an average age of 43.9 years.

    These findings shed light on the challenges faced by couples during this stage of life and emphasise the importance of targeted support services. By recognising and addressing these issues, couples can work towards building stronger and more resilient relationships.


    We looked at the length of the marriage of all clients who had obtained a final decree of divorce in 2023. 1753 clients.

    We looked at the date of birth of all clients at divorce in 2023 – average age 43.9

    Gen X had the highest number of divorces 1965 – 1980

    2016 had the highest number of divorces at 7 years.

    We used AI to analyse the data and indicate findings.

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