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1/5 Divorce petitions mention gambling as ground for divorce

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    Social media and gambling are mentioned in up to 40% of all divorce petitions we receive

    40% of all divorce petitions that received in 2016 (6,500) have included gambling or social media as one of the reasons for divorce.

    We first published details about the number of times the word “Facebook” was mentioned in divorce petitions we received back in 2009.

    A further study was reported in 2011, which found a dramatic rise in the number of Facebook-related divorce petitions that we received – up from 20% to 33%.

    We were the first company to do any research into the impact social media is having on divorce rates, so we thought it would be interesting to look into the effects gambling is having on divorce rates, which are alarming, worrying and interesting at the same time.

    Gambling is now named in every 1/5 divorce petitions

    1/5 divorce petitions that we have received so far this year have mentioned gambling as a reason for divorce, having contributed to the irretrievable breakdown of their marriage.

    In the UK, gambling addictions are on the rise and have been for some time with what are called fixed odds betting terminals where you can bet up to £100 every 20 seconds on roulette, blackjack etc.

    In 2013, gambling was mentioned in every 1/15 divorce petitions that we received.

    Fast forward 3 years and now that number has increased significantly, which is a dramatic rise in a short space of time.

    The rise in gambling-related addictions

    Last year, calls to the National Gambling Helpline grew by a third, which is why when you look at these figures the increase in people wanting a divorce due to this issue is not as surprising as it may sound.

    Since 2001, when FOBT’s (fixed odds betting terminals) were introduced, the number of gambling addictions registered or being treated for gambling related addictions has risen.

    In Britain, we now spend over £1bn on fixed odds betting terminals, which is significantly increasing by the year.

    These statistics are backed up by our own research, which clearly shows that gambling related addiction is becoming a major reason for why marriages are breaking down as shown in our graph above.

    Uncontested vs Contested divorce

    The figures that we have produced are for uncontested divorce clients only, which is where the couples agree to not defend the divorce.

    We would suspect that solicitors who deal with contested divorce cases might not see as much of an increase in gambling-related divorce cases in comparison with online uncontested divorce providers.

    This assumption is based on the fact that defending a divorce costs thousands and is therefore most unlikely to see the same number of divorce cases relating to gambling as online divorce providers do.


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