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Peter Andre Named in QVC Presenters Divorce

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    Lee Clark, a host for shopping channel QVC who also presents shows for the Discovery Channel claims he was driven to file for divorce after discovering that Andre had allegedly exchanged over 100 texts with his Gadget Show presenter wife Pollyanna Woodward on their first wedding anniversary in October.

    Clark goes on to accuse the Mysterious Girl hitmaker of sending his wife numerous gifts after meeting her at a dinner earlier this year.

    He tells Britain’s News of the World tabloid, “One of the messages he sent my wife said, ‘I’m lying in my six foot bed all alone too.’ In another text, Polly told Peter, ‘Love you millions. Can’t wait to go shopping for your xmas pressie. We’ll have loads of fun and a great day.’

    “That’s why I’m divorcing her and naming Peter in the petition. This marriage was perfect until he started texting my wife. We were blissfully happy. But he turned her head and then her heart.”

    A representative for Andre insists the singer broke off all contact with Woodward after finding out she was married, saying, “They’ve never so much as kissed or held hands.”

    What does adultery mean?

    Before no-fault divorce replaced the old divorce system adultery was one of the most common grounds for divorce in the UK.

    But what does adultery mean? Adultery is legally defined in UK divorce law as “a spouse having sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex and that the other spouse cannot continue to live with them.”

    Therefore, meeting in secret, kissing, heavy petting, any online relationship including texting, sexting, webcam or virtual sex or indeed anything less than a full sexual relationship would not have been classed as adultery by the divorce court in England or Wales.

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    However, all of that is now immaterial as it is no longer necessary, or even possible to submit a divorce application on the grounds of adultery, due to the new ‘no-fault’ divorce law in England & Wales.

    Moreover, under the old divorce system the grounds for divorce or behaviour of a spouse were rarely, if ever taken into consideration when deciding who gets what in a divorce financial settlement.

    What does no-fault divorce mean?

    The divorce law in England and Wales changed in April 2022 to give way for no-fault divorce. This means you no longer need to blame one party for the breakdown of your marriage. What’s more, it is no longer possible for your spouse to contest the divorce, allowing the divorce to proceed without friction or additional costs.

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