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    I am looking to get divorced from my spouse and understand you can get divorced under the grounds of Unreasonable behaviour in the UK?

    I was wondering if anyone had used these grounds for a divorce and if so how many things did you need to list? Do you have examples of unreasonable behaviour on your website? Do I have to provide 3 or 4 paragraphs of the alleged unreasonable behaviour, as I have read this on other websites?

    Be grateful for any responses as this is all new to me.

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    Examples of unreasonable behaviour.

    Dear Julie,

    Yes, unreasonable behaviour is one of five reasons for divorce in the UK that you can use to obtain a divorce and as of 2015, it is now actually the most frequently used ground for divorce.

    In response to your question, to assist you I have set out below some examples of unreasonable behaviour that we see on a daily basis here at Divorce-Online.

    The allegations of unreasonable behaviour contained in your own divorce petition must be specific to your own personal circumstances that have contributed to the marriage breaking down. You cannot use your own behaviour in any way as this is a fault based divorce.

    The behaviour alleged also needs to be true. The allegations must relate to your spouses conduct and cannot include anything you might have done as it is not a mutual divorce.

    This list contains examples of unreasonable behaviour ranging from very serious to general behaviour that people can experience when a marriage is in trouble and that we use in our divorce petitions on a daily basis.

    Each case is unique and individual to the parties, so it is always best to get individual advice on your particular case.

    At Divorce-online we have helped draft over 50,000 divorce cases based on unreasonable behaviour. We know what will and what won't work with the judges, which ensures we get your divorce completed as quickly as possible.

    Here's a list of examples of unreasonable behaviour;
    • The Respondent has been violent towards the Petitioner.
    • The Respondent has threatened the Petitioner with physical violence or has been physically abusive.
    • The Respondent has been verbally abusive towards the Petitioner.
    • The Respondent drinks to excess, and when he is under the influence of alcohol he behaves in an unreasonable and aggressive manner.
    • The Respondent is financially irresponsible, and has failed to maintain the Petitioner and/or the children properly during the marriage.
    • During the marriage the Respondent has gambled to excess and has, on numerous occasions, caused considerable distress to the Petitioner by running up large gambling debts and dissipating the family’s savings.
    • The Respondent has formed an improper relationship with a woman whose identity is unknown.
    • The Respondent refuses to discuss the issues within the marriage with the Petitioner.
    • The Respondent does not want to engage in any sexual or physical relations with the Petitioner.
    • The Respondent shows no interest in socialising with the Petitioner and prefers to socialise alone with friends.
    • The Respondent refuses to try and resolve the issues and continues to behave in an unreasonable manner.
    Divorce-Online can prepare your unreasonable behaviour divorce petition and manage the whole divorce process for you.

    We can prepare your divorce petition for you for as little as £59.00. click here to see what services we have available for your budget and situation.

    As you can see, these are just a few of the reasons why a marriage can fall apart and the judge will need to be satisfied that the behaviour you have cited has caused the irretrievable breakdown between the parties.

    You cannot send a petition to court attributing the breakdown of the marriage on these grounds to both parties, it is the behaviour cited from one spouse to another, which caused them to seek a divorce that needs to be contained within the petition.

    At Divorce-Online we have designated case managers who will, from the information you provide us, draft the unreasonable behaviour allegations for you making sure they are suitable for court.

    We try and reach a balance, so as not to upset your spouse, but enough to satisfy a judge.

    If they felt the information you have provided was not strong enough they would contact you to discuss this further. If you need any further information on our divorce services or advice on what to include in your unreasonable behaviour divorce petition please call us for free advice on 01793 384 029 or view our divorce services.

    I hope this has been of help to you.

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