Do I need to change my name by deed poll after divorce?

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    It is advisable for practical reasons to get a deed poll prepared if you want to change your name after your divorce.

    This can be done by a deed poll which you will need to send to all the relevant agencies like passport office, DVLA, Your bank and many more.

    Many people change their names after a divorce, by either reverting to their maiden name or by choosing an entirely new name to match their change in circumstances.

    The best way to change your name is to have a formal deed poll or change of name deed drawn up, which you can then send to all the organisations that you deal with at once.

    Our change of name deed service not only provides you with the actual original change of name deed, but comes with 10 certified copies as standard, which generally will cover all the companies or organisations that you need to deal with.

    We have dealt with literally thousands of change of name deeds for our divorced clients over the years and all our deeds are prepared individually and are sent out on legal paper with our company seal.

    Our deed polls are universally accepted by the Passport Office, DVLA, all other government departments, banks, building societies and local authorities.

    If you order your change of name deed today, it will be created and posted out to you within 24 hours of your order. Most deeds are sent out dame day if ordered before 12 noon.

    If you also need to change the names of your children after your divorce, you will need written permission of their father or a court order. Please call us on 01793 384 029 or visit Official-Deedpolls.
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