Can a divorce really be as easy as online companies advertise?

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    Yes, it can as long as you are both in agreement to the divorce and there are no contentious issues to sort out. They are not suitable for couples who cannot reach agreement.

    Where a couple cannot reach agreement, we would always recommend that they consider mediation before issuing court proceedings. In 2014 all applications for finance resolution and children cases will have to attend a compulsory mediation Information meeting to explore whether mediation will be suitable before being allowed to proceed to a court based solution.

    If you have both agreed to the divorce and are on talking terms getting a divorce with an online company is relatively easy. You also need to make sure you have all the relevant information such as place of marriage and important dates when you complete the details you are asked for.

    Divorce is actually just an administrative process and if it’s amicable there should really be no issues. This is especially true if you are filing a divorce on 2 years separation.

    Your choice is then to go down the diy divorce route where you file your own divorce forms and deal with the court yourself or choose a managed service where your divorce is administered by the online divorce company for you.

    You also need to be careful who you choose as there are a number of online divorce companies. One company who use the term “quickie” in their domain name, advertise a very low price for their service and then employ high pressure sales staff to bump you to their most expensive package which is hundreds of pounds more expensive, by trying to scare their customers with false information.

    The only issues you may have are court delays or if you haven't provided the correct information the court have asked for, otherwise it is easy, fairly quick and relatively cheap. Give divorce online a call on 01793 211 211 or click here for further information on our online divorce packages.
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