How to Obtain an Undefended Divorce with Divorce-Online

To obtain an undefended divorce you will need to prove that your marriage has irretrievably broken down by establishing one of the five grounds for divorce.

The below undefended divorce timetable is based on the assumption that you are not instructing divorce solicitors to handle your case and are either doing your own divorce with our help or having Divorce-Online manage your entire divorce for you.

Here’s how an undefended divorce works;

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Step 1 – Once you have made payment and logged in to your account, you will need to complete the simple questionnaire, which will only take you between 5-10 minutes.

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Step 2 – Your personal case manager will then draft your necessary divorce paperwork before sending it to you. This step usually happens within 24 hours of receiving your completed questionnaire.

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Step 3 – You will need to sign the divorce paperwork you receive and then return it back to us. At this stage you will pay the court fee via cheque or over the phone to us, so we can start proceedings for you.

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Step 4 – Now everything has been paid for, your case manager will send your divorce paperwork securely into the court where the court staff will start processing your divorce case.

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Step 5 – Within a couple of days of sending the divorce petition into court, the court will then send out an acknowledgement of service form (D10) to your spouse, which will need to be responded to within a certain amount of time.

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Step 6 – Your case will be completely handled for you, including any communication with the court that may arise. You will not be required to attend court yourself, hire a solicitor or pay any extra fees. Your divorce will be completed for you by our expert team, saving you time, money and stress.

Now that you understand the process of an undefended divorce through Divorce-Online, you should seek to find the most suitable service for you by using our quick and easy tool.

Undefended and amicable divorce cases aren’t possible for everyone, but they are the most efficient, cost effective and amicable way to resolve your divorce, which is why most people tend to choose this route.

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