Uncontested Divorce – A Fast & Inexpensive way to Divorce

90% of all divorces filed in England and Wales are uncontested, but what exactly is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is just a divorce, regardless of the reason for divorce, but where both parties agree to not formally defend the divorce.

If you are in agreement to the divorce it provides you with a quicker, easier and cheaper way to divorce compared to using local solicitors.

If you qualify for an amicable divorce there will be no need to instruct a solicitor and therefore save hundreds on the cost of your divorce.

Benefits to obtaining an uncontested divorce

Most people seeking an amicable divorce want to have it dealt with as quickly as possible, whilst saving money on solicitor’s fees and not having much stress.

Here’s a list of benefits to obtaining an uncontested divorce;

  • Cheaper – Average savings of over £750
  • Quicker – Typically 6-8 weeks quicker
  • Stress-Free – We do all of the work for you
  • Everything can be done online – no time off work is required.
  • No court attendance required

You won’t be expected to attend a court hearing and everything can be dealt with quickly and easily online from home or work with no face-to-face meetings necessary.

We take away the stress, pain and excessive costs associated with divorce

Divorce-Online specialise is dealing with amicable divorces and since 1999 we have helped over 150,000 couples save over £750 on the cost of their divorce in comparison with local high-street solicitors.

The national average timescale for an uncontested divorce whereby you file your own divorce is 33 weeks.

Divorce-Online can manage the whole divorce process for you and get you divorced within 16-20 weeks on average, which is nearly twice as quick.

Find out which divorce service is best for you here – based on your budget and situation, you will be able to quickly and easily find the most suitable amicable divorce service for you.

Uncontested divorce procedure explained in England and Wales

  1. File a divorce petition (D8)
  2. Return Acknowledgement of service (for your spouse)
  3. Apply for the Decree Nisi
  4. The Decree Nisi is then Pronounced
  5. Application for the Decree Absolute

When your divorce is uncontested, the procedure to obtain a divorce is relatively straightforward and can be completed with a low amount of stress and pain.

If you are unsure what grounds for divorce you can use to file for divorce, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01793 384 029 for a free consultation where our experts can talk you through everything.

Divorce-Online have helped over 150,000 couples since 1999 obtain a quicker, easier and cheaper divorce than what was achievable from using solicitors. Find out below how we can help you save over £750 on your divorce or call us on 01793 384 029.

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