Uncontested Divorce in England and Wales

Agreeing to a divorce is a quicker & more inexpensive way to divorce.

We understand that going through a divorce or separation is difficult and emotional. Divorce-Online was founded 20 years ago to help couples in agreement to divorce save time, stress and money.

90% of all divorces filed in England and Wales are uncontested, but what exactly is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is just a divorce, regardless of the reason for divorce, but where both parties agree to not formally defend the divorce.

If you are in agreement to the divorce it provides you with a quicker, easier and cheaper way to divorce compared to using local divorce solicitors.

You won’t be expected to attend a court hearing and everything can be dealt with quickly and easily online from home or work with no face-to-face meetings necessary.

If you qualify for an amicable divorce there will be no need to instruct a solicitor and therefore save hundreds on the cost of your divorce.

Benefits to obtaining an uncontested divorce

Most people seeking an amicable divorce want to have it dealt with as quickly as possible, whilst saving money on solicitor’s fees and not having much stress.

Here’s why you should consider obtaining an uncontested divorce;

  1. More Affordable – The average saving when agreeing to divorce is over £750.
  2. Quicker – An uncontested divorce can be finalised within 4-5 months, whereas contesting can prolong a divorce for years.
  3. Stress-Free – There is less acrimony involved with uncontested cases, which therefore allows proceedings to move on.
  4. Everything can be done online – You won’t need to take any time off of work or arrange childcare.
  5. No court attendance required – We in agreement to the divorce you won’t need to visit the courts at any point.

The Uncontested Divorce Procedure

When your divorce is uncontested, the procedure to obtain a divorce is relatively straightforward and can be completed with a low amount of stress and pain.

There is rarely a need to instruct solicitors in uncontested divorce cases other than receiving initial legal advice, which can ensure you keep the costs of your divorce to a minimum.


File a D8 divorce petition

To start divorce proceedings regardless of how you decide to process the divorce requires the completion of form D8. The divorce petition is the main document in any divorce and includes all of your personal and marital details, such as grounds for divorce.


Acknowledgement of Service

The courts will send your spouse a copy of the divorce papers, which they must sign and return to the courts. This is usually done within 7 days when couples are in agreement with the divorce.


Decree Nisi

You now must apply for permission to divorce, which is done by applying for the decree nisi. This stage of the divorce process essentially confirms that the Judge can see no reason in law why you can’t divorce.


Decree Absolute

The final decree requires a further application to the courts. This time, it’s the decree absolute, which is the final decree in proceedings and is the certificate that confirms your marriage has ended.

Compare Our Service vs High-Street Solicitors

If you are new to online divorce and don’t understand how it’s different to traditional high-street solicitors, the below comparison should help show you the main differences in each approach.

High-Street Solicitors


Few people actually go into expensive high-street premises anymore

Thousands more people each year are doing their via online services

People dislike the inconvenience of visiting physical offices for meetings

No need to visit our offices or take time off work.

Excessive hourly fees provide no guarantee on the cost of your divorce

Our fixed fees provide you with clarity from the start.

Speaking to your solicitor via a receptionist can be frustrating and costly

Speak to your personal adviser directly at anytime throughout your case

Staying updated on your case requires you to chase for updates

Track your entire divorce procedure online, 24/7

Wondering how long a divorce takes?

Timescales for divorce vary on a case-by-case basis as there are multiple variables, which make giving a precise figure impossible. However, there is a way to estimate how long a divorce should take you, which we outline in our guide below.

How long does a divorce take?

What are the costs of a divorce?

The cost of a divorce varies depending on where you live, how complex your situation is and whether you are sorting out your financial relationship. Divorce-Online can typically help you save between £750-£2,000 but click below to read our guide on divorce costs in the UK.

How much does a divorce cost?

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