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Our divorce solicitors will walk you through the key stages of getting a divorce to enable you to legally end your marriage without causing undue stress.

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Divorce Solicitor Services For All

Our Range of Services

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Solicitor Divorce Service – £399 

Have divorce solicitors handle your divorce and go on the court record. Your solicitor will act for you and engage with the court and/or opposing solicitors.
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Divorce & Consent Order Service – £699 

Have expert family law solicitors handle your entire divorce and manage the process of obtaining you a legally binding financial consent order.
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Low-Cost Legal Advice – £399

Get fixed-fee legal advice from experienced family law solicitors. Put your mind at ease and learn your rights and obligations in divorce proceedings.
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Divorce-Online has more five star reviews than any other family law provider

Fixed-fee divorce handled by qualified solicitors £399

If you’re starting divorce proceedings against your spouse our fixed fee divorce solicitor service costs just £399 including VAT.

This divorce service only deals with ending your marriage, it does not end your financial relationship. If you have joint money and assets like a property or a pension that needs dividing upon divorce then you will also require additional clean break order services.

Our simple, stress-free and affordable divorce services start from £399 and enable you to receive a professional service without causing unnecessary acrimony between parties as sometimes is the case when instructing separate solicitors.

With our fixed fee divorce service, our expert family law solicitors will prepare and file all the necessary documents for you to obtain your divorce.

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Why Use a Divorce Solicitor?

Here are some of the benefits you get when instructing experienced family law solicitors:

  • Help with complex financial affairs
  • Help with children’s arrangements
  • If you have international considerations such as jurisdictions or overseas assets
  • If there is a dispute on key issues
  • Solicitors can facilitate alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation or collaborative law
  • Can help you protect any business interests

Divorce FAQs

Can a divorce solicitor represent both me and my spouse?

No, a divorce solicitor cannot represent both parties in a divorce due to a conflict of interest. Each party should have their own solicitor to ensure their rights are fully protected.

How much does a divorce solicitor cost?

You can find firms, such as Divorce-Online offering fixed-fee divorce solicitor services from £399. Most local solicitors still charge hourly fees, bringing your legal fees between £1,000 – £1,500 plus VAT in the simplest cases.

Our divorce solicitors don’t charge for every phone call or email sent. We charge a flat fee of £399 that covers everything.

How much does a divorce cost with a solicitor?

How long does a divorce take?

There is no definitive timescale for a divorce as it’s a legal procedure. A divorce can be delayed for various reasons such as your spouse and the courts workload.

That being said, the average timeline for a divorce in England and Wales is between 28-32 weeks.

What’s the quickest way to get divorced?

The quickest and simplest way to get divorced is to agree to an uncontested divorce and submit a divorce online.

Using the courts digital divorce portal, you can submit a divorce online and streamline the process, minimising any delays.

Can I get divorced without solicitors?

Yes, it’s possible to get a divorce without a solicitor, especially if it’s an uncontested divorce and you’re comfortable with the process.

Our team at Divorce-Online has processed over 150,000 divorce applications, helping them save over £20m in legal fees.

What is the difference between a divorce solicitor and a mediator?

A divorce solicitor advises and represents a client in legal proceedings, while a mediator is a neutral third party who helps couples negotiate and reach mutual agreements without going to court.

What should I do if I’m not happy with my divorce solicitor?

If you’re unhappy with your divorce solicitor, discuss your concerns with them directly to see if they can be resolved.

If the issue persists, you have the right to change solicitors. It’s important to feel confident and comfortable with your legal representation.

Will I have to go to court if I have a divorce solicitor?

Not necessarily. Many divorces are settled without going to court, especially if both parties can reach an agreement through negotiation or mediation.

When parties do not contest the divorce, it is known as an uncontested divorce; these account for 99% of divorce cases.

However, if you cannot reach an agreement, your solicitor can represent you in court.

We’re Here To Help You

If you are facing the prospect of a divorce and require assistance with your divorce or financial settlement, our team of experienced divorce solicitors can help you.

For expert advice and support, contact us to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards securing your financial future.

Please note that the content provided above is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. It is always recommended to seek professional legal advice for individual cases and circumstances.

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