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Divorce & Property – Dealing With a Property When Separating

The family home is normally the single most significant asset in a marriage and therefore dealing with a property when separating and finally upon divorce raises many questions.

On this page, we will look at your rights to property after separation and also consider some of the methods in which property can be divided up, plus various other aspects relating to divorce and property.

Dividing property when separating is always difficult and legal advice should always be sought where possible.

Splitting a property as part of a divorce settlement

There are several options for sharing the equity in a marital home between the divorcing parties, just as there are with sharing money, pensions, and assets.

Figuring out the best solution will depend on the specific circumstances of your case and will generally require negotiation between the couple.

If you are able to agree upon the division of the family home without legal representation it will allow for a more affordable and less acrimonious separation.

If you’re looking for information on separating properties before marriage, please read our guides on separation and cohabitation as this information is for married couples.

In this section, you’ll find links to articles on property and divorce, written by our experts to help you understand important questions and issues regarding the division of a property.

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    Living Together When Separating

    Many couples separate whilst living together due to money or children issues, but how does it work when it comes to divorce?

    You are entitled to divorce when separated but living together however there are various rules you must abide by in order for a judge to grant the decree absolute.

    Divorcing when living together can be difficult. Find out how you can separate your property following a divorce when living together.

    More Information

    How To Separate Properties?

    If you own a property then it’s likely the most important asset to divide in a divorce.

    There are various ways that a property can be divided as we’ve outlined above.

    The way your property gets divided will depend on your overall financial settlement and how other money and assets are to be divided.

    We’ve helped 40,000+ couples deal with their property split

    Dividing property when you separate can be hard, especially when high-street solicitors charge you £2,000 to draft the necessary paperwork for you.

    Our service is so popular because we charge a low-cost fixed fee of £299 – £399 to deal with your financial order, which will legally separate your family home or other property interests. Read our reviews below to see why we’re so highly rated!

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