Children of divorce more likely to suffer at school

Picture of child in a divorce

Children suffer at school in a divorce

Children whose parents divorce after they turn seven years old are more likely to misbehave and perform badly in school, according to a new Government-funded study.

It also showed that children who are brought up in homes where rules are enforced, display strong verbal skills and are more likely to do well in school examinations.

The study by the Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre analysed two major surveys of thousands of children.

Impact on children of divorce

It looked at the impact of dozens of family factors on children.

Arguing parents and moving to a new school after the age of seven were also found to be”stressers” associated with doing badly at school.

The study said: “These findings highlight the continuing significance of family separation, conflict and dissolution on the educational attainment and general wellbeing outcomes of young adolescents.”

The research

The research was published by the Department for Education.

The shadow public health minister Diane Abbott recently said family breakdown causes society’s biggest health issues.

She said family units are vital, and doctors have told her broken families cause much of the drug and alcohol abuse they come across.

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