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Online Divorce Solicitors vs High Street Solicitors

Online Divorce Solicitors vs High Street Solicitors

If you are looking to get a divorce but don't wish to pay the £150-£200 an hour fees, which most high street solicitors charge, why not use an online divorce solicitor?

The process that you will need to take does not change, but what does change is the cost, timescale and the all round convenience of your divorce process.

As more and more people are looking to get away from the excessive costs of high street solicitors, having an online divorce solicitor handled your divorce is becoming more popular and we know why.

What are the differences between using the high street vs online solicitors? 

Well, to start with the main differences are the costs, timescales of which your divorce will be completed and the stress-free process you will receive.

Below you can find the main benefits to using an online solicitor to handle your divorce, opposed to using the traditional high street solicitor;

  • No time off work - Everything can be done online, over the phone and via email.
  • No face-to-face meetings - Again, this is due to it being done online to save time and money.
  • Easier Process - You simply need to compete an online questionnaire and sign your paperwork.
  • Quicker Process - As everything is done online and at your convenience, the process is a lot quicker.
  • Affordable - At just £299 fixed fee, you can have a qualified solicitor handle your divorce, opposed to spending £1,500, or £150 an hour.

Is the process going to be the same?

The divorce process is exactly the same, whether you complete it yourself, have a solicitor handle it or an online provider complete it.

What isn't the same is the process of how you start and complete your divorce. A high street solicitor will require and provide face-to-face meetings and visits to complete your divorce paperwork, which can be time consuming and costly alone.

Using an online solicitor to handle your divorce will cut the time of this process by having you complete a questionnaire online and that is all. 

After that you simply need to follow these steps to complete your divorce;

  • Sign and return the divorce paperwork back to your solicitor.
  • Wait for updates on the process of your divorce or track it online yourself.
  • Receive your decree absolute in the post within 12-16 weeks.

Why online solicitors are cheaper and more affordable

The main reason why using online divorce solicitors is cheaper and more affordable is because of the demand and the use of technology to help fast track the paper processes.

This means that we have developed a system that takes away the time and stress of completing the paperwork by hand and instead taking well under half the time.

High street solicitors have high salaries and less demand, which makes the cost of your divorce go up. 

Online solicitors always offer fixed fee services and not hourly charges, which gives you piece of mind on the total cost of your divorce, opposed to on going hourly charges.