Can You Get A Divorce Without A Lawyer or Solicitor?

Our step-by-step guide telling you how to divorce without a lawyer or solicitor to help you.

Can you get a divorce without a lawyer or solicitor is a question many couples ask when contemplating divorce – Divorce is never without stress or pain, but does spending several thousands of pounds on divorce lawyers help ease that stress and pain or simply add to it…

This article will help you understand what your options are when it comes to the divorce process.

Can I apply for divorce without a lawyer – What are my options?

The majority of people seeking a divorce still assume that they’ll require the services of divorce solicitors in order to obtain a divorce, and using divorce lawyers to obtain a divorce is the traditional method, but what are your options if you wish to divorce without lawyers in England or Wales?

There are of course pro’s and con’s to everything and it’s no different when hiring divorce lawyers (we’ll explore these later in the article).

For the time being, it’s important you understand that in most cases, especially when parties are amicable, there isn’t usually a need for divorce lawyers.

Of course, it is always recommended that you obtain initial legal advice from solicitors, and especially if you have complex finances to deal with then having your divorce settlement drawn up by qualified lawyers is essential.

However, the actual divorce process in England and Wales is largely a paperwork process when relations are amicable.

When filing for divorce, you have many alternative options available to you without lawyers being involved such as, doing it yourself or using an online divorce company to help.

This article aims to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision about whether your circumstances require the help of lawyers or not.

How To Divorce Without a Lawyer

If your ex-partner is likely to agree with the divorce, you will be filing an uncontested divorce, which is mainly a paperwork exercise.

Follow these 4 simple steps and you’ll be able to obtain a quicker, easier and more affordable divorce than what is possible when hiring divorce solicitors.


Find Your Most Suitable Divorce Service

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Complete Online Questionnaire

Once you’ve signed up to use our services by completing our online payment form or via the telephone, you will need to provide us with some basic marriage details.


Sign & Return Your Divorce Papers

You will have by now received your drafted divorce papers. We simply require you to sign the divorce papers and send them back to us so we can file for divorce for you.


Track Your Divorce Online

We understand and appreciate that people live busy lives, so you don’t want to be chasing us for updates. Enter DivorceTrak, an online system you can use from anywhere 24/7, to track your case progress.

Considerations to make before making a decision…

Divorce solicitors are expensive. If both parties seek legal representation, you will end up with bills into the many thousands (average cost when dealing with finances is £8,000). If you are on good enough terms and there is likely to be agreement, an alternative option may be a better solution.

Hiring divorce solicitors can also make the divorce process more acrimonious as each party may be advised to take different actions to what has already been agreed, so be mind-ful of this before deciding whether to do your divorce with or without a lawyer.

There are a range of alternative options available to help you divorce without lawyers, such as; 

Alternative options to hiring a divorce lawyer;

  1. DIY Divorce – Use our detailed guide to help you complete your own divorce without going to court or hiring solicitors.
  2. Online Divorce Company – Divorce-Online can help you obtain a divorce in a more efficient manner, whilst also saving you thousands.
  3. Mediation – If you are struggling to come to an agreement, you can use mediation to help with this. You can then decide whether to use an alternative method to draw up the legal agreements or hire a lawyer to do this.

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  • Children’s arrangements – We can help you with or without children.

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Our Managed Divorce Service ensures that you not only achieve an amicable divorce in a quick and professional manner but that the divorce process is managed for you at a fraction of the cost of a traditional solicitor.

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