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We have a host of information and advice on all topics involving a divorce. You can check out the exact divorce process you will need to take in order to obtain your decree absolute.

Get The Divorce Advice You Need Before Getting Started

If you are intending on doing your own divorce and not involving divorce solicitors then getting the right advice before starting divorce proceedings is imperative.

We hope the information you find on our website gives you the knowledge you need to feel comfortable about what is going to happen during the process and after the divorce is final.

 Please remember that getting a divorce does not end your financial commitments as husband and wife, you must deal with your finances properly by obtaining a financial order such as a consent order or clean break order.

How Long Does Divorce Take?

There is no one fits all answer to this question, unfortunately.

However, it’s possible to end your marriage within four to five months if there is an agreement to the divorce.

There are many factors that can speed up or delay your divorce proceedings. Click the link below to read our detailed article on divorce timings.

How Long Does Divorce Take?

How Much Does Divorce Cost?

Another very difficult question to answer with many things to consider.

The cost of your divorce will depend on a range of factors and can cost you £550 – £3000+.

You can help keep the costs of your divorce low by using an online divorce service and agreeing on the reasons for divorce with your partner.

How Much Does Divorce Cost?

Divorce Process

We have created a simplified overview of the divorce process in England and Wales to help you understand the different stages and steps you must take in order to obtain a divorce.

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