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Shared Parenting Agreement Service for £749

Shared Parenting Agreements are for parents who have separated and who have reached an agreement for their own arrangements regarding the care of their children and who wish to have that agreement detailed in writing.

For people going through divorce or dissolution of civil partnership they can be especially helpful as the court no longer requires children arrangements to be presented to the court before approving a divorce and many parents want something in writing they can both work to.

Whilst a Shared Parenting Agreement cannot be enforced in the same way that a Court Order can, it does provide a parent with compelling evidence that agreement has been reached and that agreement will be taken into account by the family court in the event of a dispute.

What can be included in a Shared Parenting Agreement?

  • Every day care arrangements – whether day to day care is to be shared equally or whether one will have more day to day care than the other.
  • Contact – Where care is not shared equally, this can set out the days and times when the non-residential parent will be able to see the children.
  • Financial support – An agreement for child support and any additional maintenance for the children such as school fees and after school activities etc.
  • Important issues – these can include important agreements around the children’s care and/or upbringing and development such as their children’s schooling, travel and their religion.

How can we help?

Divorce-Online panel Solicitors will assist you to prepare a shared parenting agreement and to have the document correctly signed and witnessed.

Initial consultation can be by phone, email or video chat.

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