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We understand that going through a divorce or separation is difficult and emotional, but the excessive fees charged by high-street solicitors can only add more unwelcome stress and pain to your situation.

We’re here for you when you need us the most – providing you with professional legal advice, great service and unbeatable value to ensure you obtain the best outcome for yourself and your family.

We provide an affordable, efficient and professional alternative to high-street solicitors in Swindon!

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    About Divorce-Online

    Our family law experts help thousands of people every year, whether that is giving legal advice or helping them deal with a divorce.

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    Swindon Based Fixed-fee Divorce Solicitors Comparison:

    Divorce-Online Co-op Legal Services Wooley & Co
    Price £399 £600 £600
    Fixed-Fee? Yes Yes Yes
    Online Service? Yes No No
    Online Case Tracker? Yes No No

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Online Case Tracker?

    One of the biggest complaints about legal service providers is that you want to know what is happening with your divorce and getting updates is a struggle. The solicitor handling your divorce case is always busy and there’s nothing worse than spending ages kept on hold when phoning or waiting days for a reply to your email.

    Here at Divorce-Online we enable our clients to track every step of the divorce process online from a mobile phone or laptop. You can track every step of your divorce using DivorceTrack – your own personal online case tracker.

    Divorce-Online wanted to be different, to be better. DivorceTrack is our answer to inefficient, unfriendly and expensive legal providers who are never there when you need them most.

    Divorce-Track is our solution and what’s more, it’s totally FREE and is one of the reasons why we are so highly recommended by many thousands of our clients.

    You can not only track the progress of your divorce case in real time, but you can also use Divorce-Track to download and store documents created for you by your paralegal case manager. Plus, you can easily upload any documents that we need from you as well as securely receive our support messages in private.

    Can you help me even if I don’t live in Swindon?

    Yes, we certainly can. Since 1999 we’ve helped over 150,000 couples throughout the UK obtain a divorce without spending a fortune on high-street solicitors. If you don’t live in Swindon then get in touch with us on 01783 384 029 to find out how much money we can help you save.

    Can you get divorced without a solicitor?

    No, you can get divorced without needing a solicitor or going to court as there is no legal requirement that you must have a solicitor, or even take legal advice for that matter.

    Even if both parties cannot reach an agreement, under the new divorce law the divorce cannot be contested. Therefore, you no longer need a divorce solicitor to represent you.

    However, in some complicated divorce cases which involve substantial matrimonial assets, both parties will often have their own divorce solicitor.

    How much does a divorce solicitor cost?

    If you are the one seeking the divorce then you are the petitioner and you will usually pay anything from between £500 up to £3000 in solicitor’s fees plus a further £593 in mandatory court-filing fees.

    It is estimated that Swindon divorce solicitors cost an average of £2,679 per spouse and couples with children can expect legal fees to be more expensive.

    If you’re starting divorce proceedings against your spouse in Swindon and require a divorce solicitor our fixed fee divorce solicitor service costs just £399 including VAT.

    How much does a divorce cost?

    What does a family law solicitor do?

    Family law essentially comprises three main disciplines which are matrimonial, finance, and child law. Some solicitors may choose to specialise in just one line of work such as matrimonial or child law, whilst others retain a mixed client base.

    Other family law matters might include domestic violence, guardianship, child abuse, neglect or financial matters like inheritance, retirements or pensions.

    When acting for a client seeking a divorce, solicitors are generally engaged in taking initial details, gathering evidence including financial evidence, preparing the necessary documentation, negotiating settlements and the welfare of children including parental contact and residency. Other duties could include mediation referrals and advocating for a client in court hearings.

    Family law solicitors can also advise with prenuptial agreements in the UK to protect an individual’s financial interests when getting married.

    Our team of family law solicitors is made up of:

    • Peter Thomas LLB (HONS) – As head of family law and also a director, Peter has been a practicing solicitor for over 25 years specialising in high-net-worth matrimonial finance cases and has acted in some extremely complicated and high-profile cases, including to the Court of Appeal
    • Isabel Gillman LLB (HONS) – Isabel has over thirty years’ experience as a solicitor and specialises in family cases of all kinds and has also taken cases to the Court of Appeal
    • Lara-Jayne Hooper LLB (HONS) – Lara-Jayne specialises in matrimonial and private children matters and is a member of Resolution, a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way

    What does the fixed-fee divorce service include?

    Our expert Swindon divorce solicitors are on hand to handle the entire divorce procedure for you and unlike high-street solicitors, there’s no need to visit our offices. You can provide us with all of the details we need to complete your divorce application online.

    You can also stay up-to-date throughout the process in your account at any point without needing to call or email us.

    • Documents From the information you provide us with, your solicitor will draft the required paperwork they need in order to complete your divorce.
    • Application – Each divorce application will be sent into the court on your behalf by your solicitor.
    • Communication – Your solicitor will deal with all communication with the court, opposing solicitors and the judge when necessary.
    • Online Case Management – Track when paperwork has been sent into court, received by your solicitor or sent into court to be processed.
    • Free Legal Advice – Get free legal advice via telephone skype and email with no extra charges.

    You can file a divorce petition in England or Wales provided you can answer YES to the following four questions:

    1. Have you been married for a year or longer?
    2. Do you permanently live in England or Wales or are you domiciled in England or Wales if you live abroad?
    3. Is your marriage legally recognised in the UK? (includes same-sex marriage)
    4. Has your relationship permanently broken down?

    Our Swindon Divorce Solicitors will handle the entire divorce procedure from start to finish on your behalf, ensuring everything proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

    You will be able to track every step using DivorceTrack

    You can not only track the progress of your divorce case in real time, but you can also use DivorceTrack to download and store documents created for you by your paralegal case manager. Plus, you can easily upload any documents that we need from you as well as securely receive our support messages in private.

    The key stages of the divorce process are as follows:


    File a D8 divorce petition

    Start the divorce process by making a sole or joint application by filing the divorce petition form D8 – a payment of £593 is required to apply for a divorce and will not be refunded after you are sent notice that your divorce application has been issued. The filing of form D8 means you are formally asking the court for permission to divorce.


    Acknowledgement of Service

    The court sends your spouse (the respondent) an Acknowledgement of Service form, which they need to respond to within 14 days saying if they agree or intend to dispute the divorce. They must have a legal reason to dispute the divorce, they cannot dispute the petition because they do not want to get divorced or to delay the process.


    Apply for Conditional Order

    A conditional order (previously called decree nisi) confirms that the court does not see any reason why you cannot divorce. If the information in the divorce petition is correct and your spouse has responded to the court, they will grant you a conditional order after a 20 weeks ‘cooling-off’ period.


    Pronouncement of final order

    The final order is made once the court has received the Notice of Application for the conditional order to be made Final. You can only apply for a final order (previously called decree absolute) after waiting at least 6 weeks + 1 day from the date of the conditional order.

    Once you receive the pronouncement of final order, you are officially divorced, no longer married and free to marry again if you wish.

    Please note, divorce does not end your financial relationship. If you have joint assets including the family home or a pension, that will need to be divided and you will require an additional clean break service.

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      Request A Free Callback From Our Experts


      Phone Number*

      Email Address*

      Any callback requests submitted after 3pm on Friday will be responded to the next working day

      Compare Our Service With High-Street Solicitors

      If you are not familiar with online divorce solicitors and want to know how we are different from traditional high-street solicitors, the chart below will help show you the main differences.

      High-Street Solicitors

      Our Divorce Solicitors

      Few people actually want to go into expensive high-street law firm premises anymore

      Thousands of people each year are doing their divorce via online services

      Many people dislike the inconvenience of travelling to town or city centres and visiting offices for meetings, especially since the COVID pandemic

      No need to visit our offices or take time off work

      Excessive hourly fees provide no guarantee on the final cost of your divorce

      For your piece of mind our fixed fees provide you with clarity from the start

      Speaking to your solicitor via a receptionist can be frustrating and costly

      Speak to your personal adviser directly at anytime throughout your case

      Staying updated on your case requires you to chase for updates

      Track your entire divorce procedure online, 24/7