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Save Over £1,000 in Legal Fees When Obtaining a Financial Order for Divorce

Our divorce specialists take care of your entire divorce procedure and resolution of your finances for a fraction of the cost of hiring a solicitor.

How To Get A Quick Divorce Online

Clean Break Consent Order


  • Solicitor drafted financial order
  • The preparation of form D81
  • Instructions on submitting the financial order
  • Property, savings, pensions, maintenance, and more
  • Queries from the Judge are handled for you
  • Pension sharing order to divide pension assets
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Solicitor Clean Break Consent Order


  • Solicitor drafted financial order
  • The preparation of all required forms
  • Your application is processed through the court
  • Property, savings, pensions, maintenance, and more.
  • Queries from the Judge are handled for you
  • Pension sharing order to divide pension assets

Obtain a Professionally Drafted Clean Break Consent Order Without Spending Thousands

Solicitors fees are expensive for most people. If parties have reached an agreement as to how money and assets are to be divided, these legal fees can be avoided.

Sorting out your financial agreement following a divorce can be a stressful time. There is a lot of information you need to get together, and without legal advice, how do you know if the agreement you’ve reached is fair?

It’s important to understand that there is a better way of obtaining a consent order than by following the traditional method of instructing local solicitors at a cost of over £1000.

Divorce-Online is the answer. A straightforward, collaborative, and affordable service that takes away the stress and pain of dealing with the process yourself.

You can join 100,000+ couples in England and Wales that have used our financial order drafting services to save time, stress, and money.

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    Why Are Financial Consent Orders Necessary?

    Why do you need a consent order?

    • It ends all financial ties – If your ex-partner was to go into debt, for example, the courts could not pursue you or your assets.
    • It prevents future claims – Neither party will be able to submit a claim against the other in the future, giving you peace of mind.
    • It ensures compliance – A consent order gives the court powers to enforce specific actions if one party does not comply with the agreement.
    • It gives parties a fresh start – With no possible claims looming over your head, both parties will be able to move on with a clean slate.

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    Are you thinking of hiring a local solicitors firm to handle the financial aspects of your divorce? Watch a video testimonial from one of our clients who explains his experience with Divorce-Online.

    We have been providing a more affordable and straightforward service compared with local solicitors since 1999 and over 100,000 couples have used our services to obtain a financial court order.

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    Consent Order Service. Affordable Fees

    See what you can expect from our services when you choose to use the UK’s #1 online family law provider over hiring local solicitors.

    Here’s what you can expect…

    • Fixed fee with no hidden or extra costs
    • Professionally drafted by our solicitors
    • Individually drafted to your needs – no templates
    • Preparation of form D81 is included
    • Amendments to your order until parties are satisfied

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does a consent order take?

    There are two different timescales to consider with a financial order; firstly the preparation of the draft order. For our solicitors to prepare a financial order it will take between 25-31 working days.

    Secondly, the timescales from the point of the application reaching court and a Judge ruling on your agreement is between 6-8 weeks.

    Can I write my own consent order?

    Put simply, no, you cannot. Clients come to us every day asking for us to take over their case after a Judge has rejected their agreement.

    Just because you have agreed on the terms of your financial settlement, it doesn’t mean that a Judge will approve your order.

    A court order must be drafted by a legal professional to be approved by a Judge.

    How much does a consent order cost?

    It costs between £449 and £649, including VAT, to draft a consent order, depending on the complexity of your financial agreement. There is also a court fee of £58 to file the order with the court.

    The costs can range from between £900 and £3,000, plus VAT, when hiring a local solicitors firm.

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    Regardless of your financial situation, we have a service that can suit your needs and help you save hundreds of pounds on legal fees when compared with hiring local solicitors.