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The benefits of doing your divorce online

Divorce-Online.co.uk have put together a clear and simple infographic that displays the most common benefits to doing your divorce online opposed to using a local high street solicitors.

Easier and Simpler than traditional methods

When we say that an online divorce is easier and simpler than using a solicitor, we are referring to the process in which we take to obtain your decree absolute and not the actual divorce process and this is the same no matter how you file for divorce.

Using a local high street solicitor to obtain your divorce will involve unnecessary meetings, emails and phone calls in order for them to receive all of the information they need.

Divorce-Online have a market-leading online case system, where our clients can spend 5-10 minutes completing an online questionnaire and provide us with all of the information we need in order to complete their divorce.

The main reasons an online divorce are easier and simpler;

  • No one is required to take any time off of work
  • There are no unnecessary meetings required
  • Everything can be completed online within 10 minutes
  • All paperwork is efficiently posted directly to you

A fraction of the price compared to solicitors

The most popular service with our clients is our Managed Divorce Service and costs £189 fixed fee, which deals with just the divorce and much like a solicitor, we handle everything for them.

Using a solicitor to handle your divorce can cost £2,000, even for the most simplest of cases.

The average hourly rate for a solicitor in England and Wales is £150 – £200, which would take the costs of your divorce high and above what is necessary.

Multiple services options are available

Every divorce case is different and everyone seeking a divorce has different considerations when it comes to choosing how to file for divorce, some of the reasons are;

  • The cost – People want to save as much as possible on the cost of their divorce
  • The timescale – For some, the speed in which they can get divorced is more important
  • The stress levels – Some people are more concerned with the amount of stress is involved

All of these considerations are taken into account when we speak to our clients and over the years we have developed a range of services to better fit peoples needs.

We have services that costs as little as £59, which help people obtain the necessary divorce paperwork to file their own divorce – but most importantly, the paperwork is 100% correct and could save them time and money.

No fundamental issues or difficulties

We have been providing our clients with an efficient and cost effective way to amicably resolve their divorce for over 15 years and within that time we know from reviews and feedback that our clients are more than satisfied with the level of service and ease of service that they received.

Research has been carried out to assertion if people using online divorce services had any fundamental issues or difficulties with obtaining the divorce decree.

The feedback they received proved what we already knew… doing your divorce online will not present you with any fundamental issues or difficulties, if fact it will provide you with a more efficient, cost effective and stress free divorce process.

People are 3X more likely to recommended an online divorce service

Research carried out by the legal services board and the legal services consumer panel found that people using an online divorce service were 3 times more likely to recommend their service when compared to people who used high street law firms.

We believe there are many reasons why customers of online divorce providers are more likely to recommend the service they received, but the main reasons are the low costs associated with online divorce and the ease of which they can get divorced without spending a fortune.

Divorce Online can help save you time and money

Divorce-Online are the most trusted online divorce provider and are the only provider of such services to be approved by trading standards.

Using any of our services to obtain your divorce will help save you time, money and most importantly to some people, stress!

View our amicable divorce services and see how we can help save you over £750 on your divorce.

This post was written by Mark Keenan. Editor of the Divorce Online Blog and Managing Director of Online Legal Service Ltd. Mark has been writing about divorce and related subjects for over 20+ years and is an expert in legal marketing.

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