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Homeowners to lose out in legal aid cuts

Anyone with more than £1,000 value in their property will in future be ineligible for legal aid to fight civil cases, such as compensation claims or neighbour disputes, under plans to be unveiled this week.

Parents will also be refused funds to challenge school decisions such as exclusions or the delivery of special needs as the Government looks to slash the annual £2.1 billion bill by around £350 million.

Thye Daily Telegraph reports that divorce will be taken out of legal aid completely, although it does not say what is meant by divorce. Does this mean the special procedure process or does it also include ancillary relief? Until we know that it is premature to say anything about divorce if the paper does not understand what it means in the context of these cuts.

The paper merely says divorce will be one of the areas affected.  Does this relate to the new limit or actually being excluded from the scheme.

Also we are going to have to rely on our own insurance from now on rather than Her Majesty and a divorce insuance product has already launched in the UK. I have a feeling there will be many more of these products launching in the next few years.

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