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The quick, stress-free online divorce service for couples

Our divorce specialists handle the entire divorce process and resolve your finances at a fraction of the cost of hiring a solicitor.

Online Divorce Specialists – A Simpler & Less Expensive Divorce Is Possible.

The introduction of no-fault divorce has meant that even fewer couples require the assistance of a solicitor to get divorced.

For over 20 years, couples have used our online divorce services as an alternative to hiring divorce solicitors or handling their own divorce.

Solicitors can charge thousands and doing your own divorce is often confusing, stressful, and full of hassle.

Over 180,000 couples have trusted Divorce-Online to deliver a simpler, more efficient, and cost-effective solution to divorce.

Our team at is dedicated to helping you achieve a quick and simple divorce. We can assist in ending your financial ties by obtaining a consent order all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a solicitor.

Our Most Popular Online Divorce Services

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Managed Divorce


  • We handle all aspects of your divorce for you
  • You can track the progress of your case online
  • Everything can be completed online at your convenience
  • A financial order is obtained to end all financial ties after divorce
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Divorce & Clean Break Consent Order


  • All aspects of your divorce are handled for you
  • You can track the progress of your case online
  • You’ll obtain a clean break consent order to end all financial ties
  • Money, property, savings, maintenance, and more!

Looking for something different? Try our online consent order service – for anything else, view our divorce services.

Why choose Divorce-Online over doing your own divorce?


No waiting on hold

It’s not uncommon for applicants to be waiting on hold for hours when contacting the court – there are no speedy VIPs.


Track your divorce

Use your online personal case area to track each step of your divorce from a phone or laptop.

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Regular updates

You will receive regular communication from our team handling your case instead of having to call the court.

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Simply complete an online questionnaire to provide us with the details we need and our team do the rest!

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Support & Guidance

Our team handling your case is on-hand from start to finish to provide you with any support or guidance you need.



Divorce online is typically quicker than one where you do it yourself, due to fewer errors and more efficient submissions.

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Divorce-Online is the highest rated divorce provider in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I avoid court by using an online divorce?

Because online divorce applications are uncontested, neither spouse should need to attend a court hearing.

99% of divorce applications don’t end up in court. Using an online divorce service almost guarantees you will avoid going to court.

Do I need to hire solicitors to get divorced?

Last year, roughly 100,000 divorce applications were submitted in England and Wales. The majority of those were carried out without the assistance of divorce solicitors.

If you are on amicable terms and you don’t have complex financial settlements to negotiate, it’s unlikely that you’ll need a solicitor to get a divorce.

How do we handle joint property and debts in an online divorce?

Most people assume that online divorce is only suitable for couples who are in agreement and have no assets to divide.

In fact, we process roughly 3,000 financial remedy applications to help couples separate joint property, debts and pensions.

Our Divorce & Consent Order Service is £549 and will typically save you £1500 compared to the cost of hiring a solicitor.

Our financial orders are drafted by qualified family law solicitors and become legally binding alongside your divorce in most cases.

How can I start divorce proceedings online?

There are many people who are curious or unaware of the possibility of getting divorced online.

As a result of no-fault divorce being introduced in 2022, the divorce process has become digital – meaning you can make an online divorce application.

Online divorce filing was pioneered by Divorce-Online in 1999 and has helped more than 180,000 couples get divorced without paying thousands of pounds in legal fees.

How to start your divorce proceedings

Can I trust Divorce-Online to handle my case?

It is. More than 180,000 couples have trusted us and used our services over the past 24 years.

We have more Trustpilot reviews than any other provider of divorce services in the UK. On top of that, we are part of the Trading Standards ‘Buy With Confidence Scheme’.

No other online divorce provider has gone to this level to protect their customers and provide confidence in our service.

The divorce process we follow is no different to the one you would follow if you did it yourself or instructed a solicitor.

Our technology streamlines the process and enables our team to process your application digitally and provide you with a real-time tracking tool, which local solicitors do not offer.

This means you don’t need to wait on hold or speak with secretaries to know what’s happening with your case.

How does an online divorce actually work?

  1. Sign up online or speak to one of our friendly team on the phone to get your account set up.
  2. Complete an initial online questionnaire with basic personal and marriage details.
  3. Agree on a time and date to speak with your dedicated case manager so they can explain the process to you and initiate divorce proceedings.
  4. Carry on with your life without stress and worry whilst our team processes your application through the court.
  5. You will be presented with login details to Divorce-Track, our online case tracker. Use this to stay up-to-date with every step of your case.

Find out more details here – How to do a divorce online

How many couples have you helped get an amicable divorce?

Mark Keenan, Managing Director of Divorce-Online pioneered the term ‘online divorce’ in September 1999.

Since then, we have gone on to help over 180,000 couples achieve an online amicable divorce that is cheaper than hiring traditional solicitors.

Last year, we helped roughly 4,000 couples obtain a divorce without stress, saving them a combined £3.5m in legal fees.

How much work is involved for me?

Getting an online divorce is the quickest and simplest solution as the process is streamlined by removing the need to visit our offices and attend meetings.

Put simply, there are two main things you need to do to complete an online divorce. Firstly, you need to sign up either online or by speaking with our team (3-5 minutes).

Next, you’ll then need to arrange a time and date to speak with your dedicated case manager (5-10 minutes).

Lastly, you need to complete an initial online questionnaire with your personal and marriage details, which takes 10-15 minutes.

That’s 30 minutes of your time required maximum, over the entire duration of the process (6-7 months).

The rest is handled by our team of experienced professionals who deal with thousands of cases a year, putting you in safe hands.

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