Gay people less likely to get divorced – study claims

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Figures released by the Office for National Statistics in the UK have shown that lesbian couples are twice as likely as gay men to separate.

Almost 50,000 same-sex couples have formalised their relationships since civil partnerships were introduced in the UK in December 2005.

During 2010, 6,385 civil partnerships were registered in the UK, 100 more than in 2009, the ONS said.

It is, however, as growing numbers of couples register their partnerships, the number splitting up has also risen.

Last year, 509 civil partnerships were dissolved across the UK, an increase of 44 pc since 2009, when 353 couples separated.

In the five years since civil partnerships became legal, 1.6 per cent of formalised gay male relationships have been dissolved, compared with a dissolution rate of 3.3 per cent for lesbian partnerships.

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