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Can you get a prenup agreement online, if so, who’s the best?

A prenuptial agreement is now considered to be an essential ‘insurance policy’ for many people with high-worth assets that they wish to protect before entering into a marriage.

It’s always worth seeking advice on prenups before going ahead with selecting a law firm or solicitors’ practice.

If both parties are in an agreement and have taken legal advice, is getting a prenup online a sensible option?


    Prenuptial agreements are commonly referred to as ‘prenups’, which are legal contracts entered into prior to marriage that documents how assets such as property, pensions or money will be dealt with in the event of a divorce.

    These types of agreements have been used in many other legal jurisdictions for years; however, over the last 10 years, the English & Welsh courts have come to recognise them.

    Prenups in England and Wales are on the rise after multiple high-profile celebrity cases and the Radmacher case, where the supreme court upheld the pre-nuptial agreement.

    So, what is a prenup and can I get one online? Let’s take a quick look and see what the law says below.

    But if you prefer a more in-depth read please view our Prenuptial Agreement UK Guide where our divorce experts explain the key things you need to know in more detail.

    Can you obtain a prenup online?

    When considering obtaining a prenup agreement, most people will instantly move in the direction of local high-street solicitors.

    The internet has opened up a whole new market for legal services and high-street solicitors are seeing less work go their way due to the excessive hourly rates charged in comparison to the services of law firms operating on the internet.

    Prenuptial agreements are no different.

    So, yes, prenuptial agreements can most definitely be obtained via online solicitors or legal services providers.

    You don’t need to spend over £1,000+VAT on having a prenup drafted.

    Who is the best online prenup service?

    Here are two of the best options, which can save you time, stress and a lot of money when compared to hiring a local high-street solicitors firm.

    1) OLS Solicitors – Fixed Fee Service for £699 + VAT

    OLS Solicitors are a boutique law firm, specialising in family law. They have helped thousands of clients in the UK obtain a prenup without breaking the bank.

    They offer a fixed fee service for £499, which is a fully represented service and includes legal advice to ensure you receive the best advice before getting started.

    We encourage our clients to get quotes from high-street solicitors before coming back to us because we know they are 3-4x more expensive and also, more importantly, provide a less efficient service than us.

    If you are interested in receiving legal advice or drafting services from OLS Solicitors, you can view their services on their website.

    2) Divorce-Online – Fixed Fee Service for £599

    The most popular service we offer is our Prenuptial Agreement Service for £599, which involves our qualified divorce solicitors drafting the agreement to your individual specification.

    A Judge, in the event of divorce proceedings, would look into whether both parties received adequate legal advice before signing the prenup, which is why it’s essential that you obtain legal advice before getting started.

    As part of our service, you would receive professional legal advice on the implications of signing the agreement.

    How often should you update a prenup?

    As with other such agreements, prenuptial agreements should be periodically re-evaluated and updated to reflect any changes in your circumstances, e.g. buying a new home or having children.

    We would advise you to look at your agreement every 4-5 years to ensure it’s up-to-date and accurate; this agreement then becomes a post-nuptial agreement.

    Post-nuptials are also looked upon favourably by the courts in the event of a divorce.

    If you would like free advice on obtaining a prenuptial agreement via an online service, please call us on 01793 384 029; or you can view our Online Prenup Service for £599.

    This post was written by Mark Keenan. Editor of the Divorce Online Blog and Managing Director of Online Legal Service Ltd. Mark has been writing about divorce and related subjects for over 20+ years and is an expert in legal marketing.

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