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DivorceTrack Guide

Divorce Service

I want you to handle my divorce and be able to track the progress online.
Buy Now £199

Managed divorce and consent order

Managed Divorce & Clean
Break Order

I want you to handle my entire divorce & clean break order for me.
Buy Now £399

divorce and consent order

Managed Divorce
& Consent Order

I want you to manage my entire divorce & consent order processes.
Buy Now – £499

What happens if the house is in the name of only one spouse?

Managed Divorce

I want divorce solicitors to handle my divorce & financial settlement.
Buy Now £599

Do You Want a Quicker, Easier and Cheaper Divorce?

Save time, money and stress by using an online divorce service. We’ll match you with your perfect divorce service, whatever the situation.

  • Save over £1,000 compared to hiring high-street solicitors.
  • There’s no need for any time off work, arranging childcare or attending court.
  • Everything can be completed online at your own speed and convenience.

Which Service Do I Need?

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We’ve helped over 180,000 clients

Quick & Easy Online Managed Divorce Services

Divorce-Online provides a variety of low-cost solutions for married couples looking to save time, stress, and money when seeking a divorce.

Our dedicated and personal case managers will support you throughout the divorce process, whilst enabling you to track the progress of your online divorce via our industry-leading case management system “Divorce Track”.

Our experienced team will handle your entire divorce for you, and keep you updated on the progress throughout, leaving you to carry on with your life without the unwanted stress and pain that is often caused by filing for divorce.

Divorce doesn’t have to be slow, stressful and expensive.

Divorce-Online is the ideal solution for people looking to save time, stress and money when seeking a divorce.

Online divorce is nothing new. We have been helping amicable couples avoid going to court and spending thousands unnecessarily on high-street solicitors for over 20 years.

Unlike high-street solicitors, we have adapted our services using technology to keep up with modern life. You lead a busy life and in 2021 getting a divorce should not involve;

  • Wasting time visiting offices to provide information.
  • Wasting time speaking to secretaries or receptionists.
  • Spending £150 per hour on legal fees with no clear end bill.
  • Waiting over 8 months to receive a decree absolute.

Using Divorce-Online to end your marriage is the sensible option when both parties are in agreement as the divorce process is largely a paperwork exercise.

Let us handle everything for you so that you can carry on with your life without the stress, worry or excessive legal fees.

What Makes Divorce-Online Different Compared To High-Street Solicitors?


  • Everything is completed online at your own pace and convenience.
  • No need to attend court, take any time off work or arrange childcare.
  • You only pay a one-off fixed-fee, with no hidden or extras charges.
  • Track your entire process online, from a phone, tablet or laptop.

High-Street Solicitors

  • You’ll need to visit their offices to provide them with information.
  • They charge excessive hourly-fees, with no total divorce bill.
  • Inefficient processes, meaning drawn out divorce proceedings.
  • Receptionists or assistants take messages when you want answers.

How To

Get Started With an Online Divorce

  1. Find your ideal divorce service
  2. Complete our secure checkout and make payment
  3. Log in to your online account
  4. Complete a simple questionnaire with the details we need
  5. We handle everything for you from this point
  6. Track your divorce process online 24/7

You will receive updates on your case throughout to ensure you are always up to speed with how your case is progressing.

We have an online chat system available, to make getting the information you need quick and easy with no waiting.

There’s No Need To Be Sceptical About Online Divorce… Read Over 3,000 Reviews

Why Choose Divorce-Online To Handle Your Divorce

  • Everything can be completed online.
  • You will save over £1,000 in legal fees.
  • Free telephone and email support is provided.
  • Every service is fixed-fee, giving you peace of mind.
  • We can help you deal with financial splits and children.
  • You can track your divorce online from a phone, tablet or laptop.

Why Divorce-Online.co.uk Is Suitable For You…

When using our services compared to high-street solicitors you won’t need to attend a court hearing, speak to secretary’s or spend time waiting for a solicitor to get back to you.

We pride ourselves on customer service and will have a dedicated team of divorce experts manage your entire divorce and help you from start-to-finish. Here’s why thousands of people choose us each year:

  • You will save between £500-£2000 compared to using solicitors.
  • Our experienced and friendly divorce experts will handle all aspects of your divorce for you.
  • Free telephone and email support are provided to you throughout your case.
  • You can track your entire divorce process online at any point throughout your case.
  • We are the only online divorce provider that is approved by Trading Standards.
  • We finalise most divorce cases 10-12 weeks quicker than most other providers.

Divorce-Online is the highest rated divorce provider in the UK

We Are Here For You At Every Step, From The Beginning To The End!

Unlike high-street solicitors, we provide you with a range of ways to get in contact with us such as live chat, Skype, email and telephone.

You will be kept up-to-date throughout the process within your online account, but should you need us, we will be there ready to help you as quickly as possible.

How we can help you get a cheap UK divorce

Unlike most other online divorce providers, Divorce-Online doesn’t just provide DIY divorce services. We also offer managed divorce services that are more comprehensive and involve very little work for you to start and finish your divorce. Call us now on 01793 384 029 to see how we can help you get a quicker and cheaper divorce.

Since 1999, we’ve handled over 180,000 online divorce cases, with the average client saving over £750 on the cost of their divorce.

You can trust Divorce-Online to make sure you have a quick divorce with no stress and without incurring excessive solicitors fees.

It’s possible to start your divorce proceedings in less than 5 minutes from home or work without needing to take any time off work or know any legal procedures.

Find Your Most Suitable Service In Under 2 Minutes

Our quick and easy online divorce services can save you time, stress and money, but which one is right for your situation? Use our simple online tool to find out in minutes.

Managed Divorce Service – £199

We manage your divorce application from beginning-to-end for you.

  • Divorce papers are drafted for you.
  • We process your divorce for you.
  • Track your entire divorce online.

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Clean Break Divorce – £399

We handle your entire divorce and obtain for you a clean break order.

  • Your entire divorce is handled for you.
  • We obtain a clean break order for you.
  • Track everything online from anywhere.

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Divorce & Consent Order – £499

We handle your entire divorce and obtain a consent order for you.

  • We handle each step of your divorce.
  • We obtain a consent order for you.
  • Track every step online from home.

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Common Questions, Answered.

How Long Does It Take?

There is no one fits all answer to this question, however, over the last 4 months our clients are receiving their decree absolute certificates within 24 weeks.

The national average timescale for divorce is 33 weeks. Use our services to obtain a quicker and easier divorce than the traditional methods.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our divorce services start from just £59 and range in price depending on the complexity of your circumstances and needs.

On average, our clients save over £1,050 when compared to hiring a local high-street solicitors firm in their area (England and Wales).

Is Divorce Online Safe, Legal & Legit?

Doing your divorce online means that you are choosing a more affordable and faster route to divorce. The same exact divorce procedure is followed as it would be if you were to use a high-street solicitor.

Since 1999 we have helped over 180,000 clients save a combined £20M in legal fees. Don’t just take our word for it, read over 3,000 reviews.

Do You Only Deal With Divorce?

Certainly not. We help thousands of people each year enter into a prenuptial agreement or separation agreement.

We also help couples legally separate their assets and finances, such as pensions, lump sums and inheritance for example. If you call our friendly divorce experts, they’ll advise you on your circumstances.

Can You Deal With Finances & Children?

Yes. In 2019 over 8,000 couples used our services to legally separate their assets and finances, including pensions, property and business assets.

Children and finances are dealt with separately to the divorce procedure. We have a host of information on finances and divorce, which may be useful for you.

If you would prefer to speak to us about your circumstances, simply call us for free on 01793 384 029.

What Is The Most Suitable Service For Me?

Use our simple online tool and answer a few questions to find out.

Be matched with the ideal service for you.

Answer 3 questions in less than 2 minutes.

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