Divorce Petitions. How they can cost you more than you might think.

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Get a divorce petition

So, you want to get a divorce. Your other half agrees, you have amicably sorted out your finances and you have no kids.

You don’t see the need for hiring a lawyer and you think an online services is not going to add any value to you.

Searching online, you see you can download the D8 form for free from the government website and proceed to complete the divorce papers and print them off.

You, type in your respective names, addresses and place where you were married, indicate that you have been separated 2 years and file the form with a court fee. You sit back and wait for something to happen.

Four weeks later, your wife rings you up and says she has received the divorce petition and has filled out the form and sent it back. Brilliant, you think, it won’t be long now and we can get this done and dusted and get on with our new lives.

Another four weeks later, you get a letter from the court, and you hesitantly open it up, believing it to be news that your simple divorce has been looked at, agreed and you are on your way to being free. Wrong, the judge has spotted some problems with your divorce petition and won’t grant your divorce.

Apparently you did not bother to put your middle names, because you never use them. The place you got married isn’t as simple as you thought, and the court wants to know if your wife took your surname when she married you.  Also you appear to have lived together for a month after you said you separated.

The judge has said you have to answer their questions, file an amended petition and have it re-served, oh and pay an amendment fee of £140 as well.

The trouble is your wife . has in the meantime gone backpacking to Venezuela and has not left a forwarding address and won’t be in touch again for a few months.

All of a sudden, because of a few “little” errors on your divorce petition, you are now looking to hire someone to sort out your mess, and cannot proceed because you can’t find your wife.

This is a simple example of what can happen if you file your own divorce papers but don’t complete the forms correctly.  More serious errors can also occur which could affect financial rights and your ability to prevent future claims or even from making them.

Divorce-Online has been helping people with their own divorce petitions for over 14 years, and all our case handlers are trained to ensure the petition is completed correctly, and in accordance with your wishes. The meaning and consequences of all the documents including the divorce petition, are explained in plain English, so all our customers know exactly what they are doing and why.

We would always recommend, that you ensure your d8 divorce petition is completed correctly, and that you understand that getting a divorce is not always as simple as you might think.

Of course you don’t have to pay the high fees asked by Solicitors, and with our DIY divorce services starting at just £69.00 for all your completed divorce forms, there are options for any budget.

You can start your divorce petition now and ensure all your forms are correct and you get the support you need.

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