Blackpool is the divorce capital of England and Wales

Splitsville at the Tower

An interesting statistic has come out of the recent Census, showing that the northern seaside mecca of Blackpool is the place with the largest percentage of divorced people in England and Wales.

The Lancashire seaside resort has the highest percentage of people who are divorced – 13.1%, compared with the average for England and Wales of 9%. This also includes those whose same-sex civil partnership is dissolved.

Explanations are hard to come by, but the lure of the seaside after a split could be one, but then why would sunnier Bournemouth or more cosmopolitan Brighton not attract our sea loving divorcees?

The most likely explanation is that people in Blackpool and surrounds are in a deprived area, with little work and no money and that would get our vote.

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2 thoughts on “Blackpool is the divorce capital of England and Wales

  1. Nicola batumchka

    I have visited this Blackpool when I came to the UK in 2006. I was shocked that the front of this town is all lit up but the back of this town is very run down. It seemed to be like a good actor, pretending to be happy but inside was very sad. I am not suprised that this place is bad for divorces.

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