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Before you decide to order one of our comprehensive divorce services, it is always best to check which service suits your situation best before starting divorce proceedings.

To find out which of our online divorce services are right for you, please answer the following simple questions with Yes/No so that we can guide you to the most suitable service for your situation.


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Would you like us to manage your entire divorce for you or do you want to file for divorce yourself?
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DIY Divorce Service - £59.00

Our DIY Divorce Service for £59 is the quickest and easiest way to complete your own divorce.

You’ll receive all the divorce forms you’ll need to obtain a divorce, completed and checked by our qualified divorce experts, ready to sign and post to court.

You can receive your divorce papers within 24 hours of providing us with some basic information, allowing you file for divorce in a matter of days.

Included with this service is a detailed guide on how to complete the divorce process, which is without legal jargon and is very easy to understand and follow.

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Managed Divorce Service - £189

Will manage your entire divorce process for you from start-to-finish allowing you to carry on with your life.

You will not be required to attend court, visit our offices or take any time off work to complete your divorce, which cannot be said if you were to visit a solicitor.

We will process your divorce through court and communicate with you via email, phone and Skype when important milestones are reached in your case.

You are provided with 24/7 access to your online portal, which will quickly show you updates on your case, saving you time calling or emailing us for updates on your case.

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Solicitor Managed Divorce - £499

We understand that you may need professional legal advice when dealing with your divorce to make sure you receive a fair settlement.

Our online divorce solicitors will act for you in all aspects of your divorce including all correspondence with the courts at each stage and can deal with any opposing solicitor to ensure you receive the most stress free professional divorce.

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