The Facts About Scottish Divorce Law

There are two types of procedure that can be used in Scotland to apply for a divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership – these are known as the Simplified or Do-it-Yourself procedure and the Ordinary or Non Simplified procedure.

Both divorce applications can be raised in the Sheriff Court or Court of Session, but there will be different procedures & forms required and the fees charged will vary depending on where you raise the claim.

Read this article to find out which divorce procedure your circumstances fall under and which Divorce-Online service options are available to you.

Divorce Scotland – Which divorce procedure does my situation fall under?

To use the Simplified Scottish Divorce Procedure, you will need to be using either one years separation with consent or two years separation without consent as your ground for divorce.

You will also need to have no children under the age of 16 of the marriage, along with no financial matters.

If you have either of the above, you will be expected to file under the Ordinary Scottish Divorce Procedure, which generally takes a bit longer to complete, however, you can still complete the procedure without having to use a solicitors firm.

In Scotland, there are four grounds upon which to base an action of divorce: Adultery, Unreasonable Behaviour, 2 years separation with the consent of both partners and 5 years separation without the consent.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Scotland?

In Scotland the two ways to get a divorce are the Simplified Procedure (also known as a Do-it-Yourself Divorce) and the Ordinary Procedure.

The fees you pay will depend on which procedure you select and there are various fees payable to the court at different stages of the divorce procedure. The fees are set out in Scottish Statutory Instruments (referred to as a Fee Orders) and these are regularly updated by Fee Amendment Orders.

At the present time (from 1st April 2020) the cost of a Simplified Divorce or Dissolution is £128 (Sheriff Court) or £134 (Court of Session). The cost of an Ordinary Divorce or Dissolution (where the Simplified Procedure can’t be used) is £159 (Sheriff Court) or £173 (Court of Session).

Please Note: These fees are intended only as a guide and are subject to change, please refer to the Scottish Courts website for more details and up-to-date costs.

Who pays divorce fees Scotland?

The Scottish Court has a wide range of powers and discretion to awarding costs and will look at solicitors’ fees and the conduct of both parties when deciding if costs should be awarded and at what level.

The question of who pays the divorce court fees in Scotland usually depends on who initiates the divorce proceedings – the court can if it chooses, order the respondent (the one who is being divorced) to pay the legal fees of both sides.

Grounds For Divorce in Scotland

Adultery in Scotland

The law defines adultery as voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person of the opposite sex not being the married partner. The judicial definition is quite bizarre. Adultery requires ‘physical contact with an alien and unlawful sexual organ’.

One of the difficulties with this ground is obtaining proof. The Scottish Executive propose to get rid of this category altogether.

Unreasonable behaviour in Scotland

Unreasonable behaviour covers the whole spectrum of human existence. The test is a simple one, If you find your partners behaviour such that you could not reasonably be expected to continue to live with them then that is unreasonable behaviour.

The common issues raised by this ground of divorce include financial difficulties, drinking, gambling, violence and the lack of emotional and practical support within the marriage. These are just some of the examples that can be used.

One years Separation with Consent in Scotland

Where parties have lived apart for one year or more, one of the parties can raise an action of divorce with the consent of the other party.

This is an example of no-fault divorce. It is a ground which is commonly used especially where the parties have resolved their personal difficulties and agreed to an amicable separation.

Other Orders on Divorce in Scotland

The range of orders that are possible on divorce are effectively unlimited but in general regulate two matters: the children and the financial status of the parties to the marriage.

Upon divorce, each party is no longer entitled to ailment each other. This obligation may, however, be continued for a short time after marriage where the court makes an order for periodic allowance to enable a party to adjust to new financial circumstances.

Orders relating to who will have the residence of the children and who can have contact with the children can be made. The courts will not make an order relating to the care of the children unless necessary.

If the children’s care has been arranged satisfactorily between the parties no order will be made. An order may be made for the sale of the matrimonial home or the transfer of tenancy of the home.

A deferred order for a capital payment is often considered where the assets are tied up in a pension scheme. The court can ‘earmark’ pension funds which must be paid out when the pension matures. This prevents the pension holder from obtaining his lump sum and not paying some of it over to his ex-spouse.

Simplified Scottish Divorce Procedure

An application can be made to your local Sheriff Court for a Simplified Divorce in Scotland on the last two grounds only, which are 1 years separation with consent and 2 years separation without consent.

This is on the basis that there are no money issues between the parties and no children under the age of 16. There is no need to attend a Court hearing and a divorce can usually be completed in 8-10 weeks.

Simplified Divorce Procedure Service – £49

Ordinary Scottish Divorce Procedure

The Ordinary divorce procedure is for couples who have children under the age of 16 or are looking to file for divorce on the grounds adultery or unreasonable behaviour.

You will be required to follow the ordinary procedure in Scotland, which our Scottish divorce expert will help you with from start to finish for just £195 fixed-fee.

Ordinary Divorce Procedure Service – £195

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