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Online Will Writing Service

Making a will after divorce or separation is advisable and can be done for just £120.00.


Solicitor Will Service

Online Will Writing Service

Making a will after divorce or separation is advisable and can be done for just £120.00.


Online Will Service – Drafted by a Qualified Solicitor for Just £120

Making a will could be the nicest thing you ever do for your family and friends.

It is advisable that everyone who has a will changes it if they are separated or divorced.Although we deal with wills for everyone not just couples getting divorced!

Your will will be prepared by experienced and qualified lawyers from OLS Solicitors a Solicitors firm now owned by Divorce-Online.

This is a bespoke, individual and personal service at a great price, not a template will writing service.

Despite well-publicised campaigns and TV coverage most people do not ever bother to make a will despite the consequences to their families after they have gone.

For some reason, two-thirds of all UK adults will die without a will causing more stress and grief to their loved ones as Solicitors have to be instructed to sort out the mess. This means more money for lawyers and less for the people who need the money.

Having a will made is probably the nicest thing you can ever do for your loved ones and is not as expensive or time-consuming as people seem to think.

We have partnered with our own highly qualified solicitors firm to provide you with a bespoke will and storage service at just £120 compared to the £200 average price and 1000 wills have been written since 2014.

Our will service will make sure that you get the most tax-efficient will for you to protect you and your family in the future and includes legal advice on how you should distribute your assets.

Key features

  • Qualified and regulated wills and probate Solicitors will write your will.
  • Will documents sent to you in the post – not an electronic document
  • Free will storage for life
  • Save over £70 on high street and online prices.
  • Legal advice will be given on the contents of your will and distribution of your assets.
  • Deal with your affairs in your own time, no need to take time off work.
  • Consultations with your lawyer by email, text and skype.
  • Over 1000 wills have been written by our solicitors since 2014.

If you would like any advice about our  Will Service, give our advisors a call today on 01793 384029 and they will be able to give you more in-depth advice.

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