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Professional Mortgage Advice

One of the biggest headaches when sorting out finances in a divorce, is trying to sort out a mortgage for a new home or to buy out a spouse and retain your family home. Working out whether one party can afford to stay in the family home or whether the house has to be sold will often depend on mortgage raising capabilities

Professional Mortgage Advice

Professional Mortgage Advice

Getting a mortgage after a divorce

The first people to be contacted are the couples own mortgage company, but they may not be able to help or even offer you the best rates.

It is always best practice to get independent financial advice from qualified Independent financial advisers, not just from tied advisers to the big mortgage providers. This way you can be certain you are getting the best mortgage rate and no hidden charges from the best mortgage lenders.

Whether you intend to sell and buy a new house or want a mortgage in a single name, our "mortgage after a divorce" service can help.

Help To Buy Scheme for divorcing couples

The Government have recently extended the "help to buy scheme" from new build houses and first time buyers to everyone and for many divorcing couples, this may be the answer to them being able to seperate amicably and create two households that both parties can realistically afford. We have helped many couples secure a new mortgage through the help to buy scheme this year. Our mortgage advisers can now obtain funding from lenders under the Governments help to buy scheme where you can get help with your deposit up to 95% of the loan to value

Access to the whole of the UK mortgage market

Our financial advisers have access to the whole of the UK mortgage market and with rates changing on a daily basis, have their fingers firmly on the pulse as to which lender will be the right choice for you in your individual divorce case.

Our mortgage experts can find mortgages where certain types of benefits ill be accepted, such as working tax credit, which most working single mums will rely on if they have school age children.

With transparent fee structures, you will know exactly how much you will pay from day one.

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