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Separation Agreement

For people who want to put their settlement into an agreement before they divorce. We can draft your separation agreement, ready for you to approve and sign, with instructions on how to sign for just £199.00.
Separation Agreement

Why should I get a separation agreement?

Why should you get a separation agreement?

If you do not intend to obtain a divorce for some time then it may be advisable to obtain a separation agreement.

This document is effectively a contract between husband and wife and will enable you to put into effect any financial agreement you have reached as part of splitting your assets.

The agreement can cover everything from selling your home to maintenance for children. It can even deal with where the children will live and how often the absent parent can see them, although most agreements tend to concentrate on the financial aspects of the divorce.

The idea behind these agreements is that if there is a dispute, the court have a written agreement they can refer to when considering a disputed divorce case.

You can have a qualified solicitor draft your agreement for a fixed fee of only £199, saving you over £750 compared to using a high street solicitors.

Everything can be done online, by email and telephone, therefore there is no need to sit in solicitors offices wasting time and money.