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Separation Agreement

For people who want to put their settlement into an agreement before they divorce. We can draft your separation agreement, ready for you to approve and sign, with instructions on how to sign for just £199.00.
Separation Agreement

Can I draft my own separation agreement?

Can I draft my own separation agreement?

Unless you have been legally trained it would be very hard for you to have the necessary knowledge and drafting skills to draft an agreement that would be accepted by a court in the event of a dispute.

Therefore it is always advisable to have a solicitor or someone fully trained to draft your separation agreement.

Seeking legal advice before entering into a separation agreement is always advised to ensure you have a fair and legally robust agreement. 

It may sound like needing a solicitor to obtain a separation agreement will be costly and therefore decide not to do it, but it doesn't have to expensive when you choose to use Divorce-Online.

Our family law solicitor can draft your agreement and advise you on how to sign it for just £199.00 fixed fee.

This will save you over £750 compared to if you used a local high street solicitor.