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Marriage Certificate Translation

If you need your marriage certificate translating in respect of divorce proceedings, we can offer you a legal translation and certification service for your non-English marriage certificate for just £150.00.
Marriage Translation Certificate

Marriage Certificate Translation Service for £150.00

Marriage Certificate Translation Service for £150.00

The courts are very strict about the details required in the divorce petition from the marriage certificate, and they need to be 100% sure that a) you are legally married and b) the copy of the certificate you have provided is actually an accurate and legal record of your marriage ceremony in the country where you were married.

Of course, many UK couples now marry abroad in such diverse places as Sri Lanka to the Dominican Republic. Often these are non English speaking countries and the marriage certificates they produce are in a foreign language and do not look like UK marriage certificates.

If you are filing divorce proceedings in the UK and you were married outside of the UK, in a country where the certificate is in a foreign language then you will need to have it officially translated and the translation then needs to be certified.

You cannot simply certify the marriage certificate yourself or have a friend do it for you. It has to be done by a recognised translation company who the courts will accept as being genuine and trustworthy.

They will need to see a copy of your foreign marriage certificate and then they will translate it into English. They will then certify that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original marriage certificate.

What does the translation of the marriage certificate service include?

The translation of the marriage certificate, will include, a line by line translation of your marriage certificate, which is then certified as accurate by our translators in the form of a certificate. The translation and certificate are lodged with the marriage certificate, at court when the divorce papers are filed.

Please note that the marriage certificate will not be returned to you at the end of the case.