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Application to Vary Maintenance

Application to Vary Maintenance is for people who want to make an application to vary a maintenance order for children or spouse payments, we help you apply for your vary to maintenance application for just £199.00.
Application to vary Maintenance

Application to Vary Maintenance

Application to Vary Maintenance for £199.00

If you think you are paying too much maintenance or you are not receiving enough, whether it be for children or your spouse, then you will need to apply to the court to vary the maintenance order.

Our solicitor will draft all of the information needed to apply for an application to vary maintenance order, ready for you to file at court.

When can a maintenance order be varied by the court?

Generally the only ground upon which you can apply to make variation application for a spousal maintenance order is if there has been a significant financial change of circumstances, such as losing your job or becoming ill or the other party has had similar changes.

Sometimes a man may have formed another relationship and had more children, which affects their ability to continue paying maintenance at the rate they have been.

On a variation of maintenance application, a judge can vary the maintenance downwards, upwards, suspend or cease the order. They can also roll the maintenance up into a lump sum if there is sufficient capital.

An application will need to be made to the court on a Form A and pay the court filing fee of £240.00. Both parties will also need to file a new Form E disclosure document detailing their current income and assets.

Our experienced and qualified Solicitors will prepare your application to vary a maintenance order made in a divorce county court together with the affidavit in support for you and support you in the proceedings, thereby saving you hundreds of pounds on expensive lawyer’s fees.

Upon ordering our legal team will be in contact with you to obtain the information we need to draft your proceedings and detailed affidavit, including details of your current financial situation.

We will support you throughout the proceedings up to and including any final hearing by telephone and e-mail.

Please Note: Court fees are completely separate to the costs of our services, and need to be paid directly to the courts. There is a court fee of £240 you will be expected to pay for this service. You may be exempt from paying any court fees if you are on benefits or low income, please call us on 01793 211211 or visit our court fee exemption calculator.